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Mayim Bialik Asks Why Moms Are So Competitive

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We all know that moms can be really – really – competitive. Whether you are talking about how long you were in labor, or when your kid took their first steps, there will always be another mom out there who “did it better.” And while all moms are probably guilty of competing in some way, celebrity mom Mayim Bialik is asking that we all just knock it off, reports Fox News.

The Big Bang Theory star recently took to Facebook to discuss her opinions on competitive mothers. In a video, Bialik explains her personal experience with a mom’s group she attended when her son was born.

“When I was a new mom, 13 years ago, I went to a ‘mom’s group’ at a local retail store,” she said. “I instantly felt out of place.”

So many moms have been there! Countless new moms have walked into a room and thought, “I don’t belong here at all!” What’s more, countless more have thought, “I must be doing something wrong.” In Bialik’s case, she instantly noticed that what she was doing was completely different than the other mothers, which was so intimidating, she never went back.

“Everything was a competition,” Mayim Bialik continues. “These were not my people. I left in tears. Moms are so competitive! Why is that?”

The actress noted that mothers  would ask questions such as “why does my baby want to be held so much?” Or “How can I get a three-week-old to sleep through the night?” What’s more, the mothers were encouraged to boast about their birth experiences or how awesome their babies are at doing mundane things.

Anyone else getting exhausted just thinking about this? Well, Bialik has a theory as to why mothers might be so competitive. It could be because we were all raised to compete so well in the work place. We were told “we can and should do it all” growing up. So, when we become mothers, we bring that same competitiveness to parenting.

To combat this competitiveness, and to foster a better and more inviting environment for new moms, Bialik suggest we move to a more connected and meaningful society.

“Let’s get back to a model of camaraderie that reduces competition, fosters friendship, and empathy and increases the success of a society that is built on the foundation principles of woman-to-woman support,” she said.

Why Are Moms So Competitive?

Why are moms so competitive? Between percentiles, milestones, charts, and scores, there are so many ways to compare children. Is it biological, psychological, or pathological?! Check out today’s vlog and weigh in in the comments!

Posted by Mayim Bialik on Thursday, December 28, 2017

Watch the video above and tell us, what do you think of Bialik’s suggestion? Are you tired of the constant competition, too?

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