You’re Going to Need a Bigger Pool to Accommodate This Narwhal Pool Float

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I sort of hate socializing, but I’m going to need to throw a pool party this summer to work in all the amazing things that I’ve written about. Unicorn sprinklers, Little Mermaid pool party gear, Moscow Mules in a can, canned wine spritzers. I can even invite my summer boyfriend, the Inflatable Hunk! But no pool party would be complete without this ADORABLE narwhal pool float. Seriously, this thing is too cute for words. My biggest challenge would be fighting my kids for it. Luckily for me, I am bigger and a much stronger swimmer. So I will win.

This narwhal pool float just screams mystical, magical summer fun.

narwhal pool float

Image: Kokolo

JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. In case you’re not familiar with narwhals, they’re the unicorns of the sea. These gorgeous porpoises can be found in arctic coastal waters, which means I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing one in real life (me and arctic don’t mix). But they’re pure magic. They have horns, for crying out loud! My oldest daughter is obsessed with them, and if (OK, when) I buy this, she will lose her goddamn mind.

The pool float is sold by a company called Kokolo. And they’ve made it REALLY hard not to buy this. It’s only $59! And it’s huge.

The narwhal pool float measures 78″ x 40″ x 43″. The best part? It’s one of those easy-to-inflate ones. My kids still love to tell the story of the time I tried to use my own mouth and lungs to inflate a giant pool float and almost passed out. I bought an electric air pump for this summer, FYI. The narwhal is also easy to deflate, which is key. Just pull the plug and walk away!

narwhal pool float

Image: Kokolo

At this point, any pool without one of these is going to suck. Narwhals make everything better, and that includes summer fun in the pool with family and friends!

(Image: Kokolo)