Teens Totally Hate Facebook So Much That They Just Can’t Stop Using It

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Teens Hate Facebook Teens hate Facebook so much that they refuse to delete their accounts, but are using other social media websites like Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter in futile attempts to escape the boring old people (I’m looking at you, parents) that are harshing their social media experience. They also hate the “drama” that goes along with Facebook-ing. From

A new report released this week from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that Facebook remains the leading social network among American teenagers. It’s also the most reviled. While some teenagers interviewed by Pew claimed they “enjoyed using it,” the majority complained of “an increasing adult presence, high-pressure or otherwise negative social interactions (‘drama’), or feeling overwhelmed by others who share too much.”

In other words, Facebook—as any adult with a profile knows—feels a lot like high school. “I think Facebook can be fun, but also it’s drama central,” one 14-year-old girl said. “On Facebook, people imply things and say things, even just by a ‘like,’ that they wouldn’t say in real life.” Said another, “It’s so competitive to get the most likes [on a Facebook picture]. It’s like your social position.” Ninety-four percent of American teenagers maintain a Facebook profile, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it. “Honestly,” one 15-year-old girl told Pew, “I’m on it constantly but I hate it so much.”

I once had a Facebook and I ragequit it because I just couldn’t deal with reading about people who ate bad salmon for lunch , but then my boss Koa Beck   Bambi made me get it back and I have like four friends on it. It’s awesome. I basically use it for work stuff, but on occasion I get hate messages from people who are mad I deleted them when in reality I deleted my account. I guess it’s nice for seeing photos of babies and getting updates to submit to STFU Parents, but I hate Facebook just as much as any other teenager who feels obligated to have one.

The article suggests more teens are moving onto the more “old people” friendly platform Twitter, which I know to be true because on occasion I will get random tweets from teens who are angry when I write something about Justin Bieber. It’s a shame that teens are hating Facebook for the drama it creates, when there are so many better reasons that people can hate Facebook.

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