Kim Kardashian Kicks Off Her Baby Shower With Twirling Ballerina Music Box Invitations

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian leaving her hotel to go and watch Beyonce perform at the O2It’s baby shower time for the soon-to-be mommy Kim Kardashian. Everyone’s favorite reality star to hate is due in July which means that her baby shower is on the books. And from the looks of her guest list, she expects all the celeb attendance she can muster. Go for the gold, Kim!

The June second event is said to be a  “ladies’ brunch” in friend Shelli Azoff‘s Beverly Hills home. Just a low-key finger sandwiches and tea kinda deal with ladies like Beyonce and Fergie and even a “cameo” by Kanye West. (Is it still a cameo if it’s your partner’s baby shower? Actual question).

Azoff has reportedly already sent off the invites that are — no joke — “music box invitations featuring twirling ballerinas.” The song that they’re twirling along to? That would be Kanye’s 2005 song “Mama,” dedicated to his mother who passed away in 2007. I’m also guessing that a single butterfly emerged from the box à la Bridesmaids and wafted glitter all over the recipient.

But no gifts apparently for this glittering lady brunch affair. Kanye and Kim have reportedly asked guests to make donations to the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. So I guess Kim — or somebody — decided against the baby registry she was reportedly setting up at a “high-end baby boutique”?

Hey look, the event just got classy.

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