STFU Parents: Happy Mother’s Day To Gold Star Moms

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Happy early Mother’s Day, everyone! To help celebrate the official day people give thanks to their moms (as opposed to every other day of the year when you can treat your mom like total garbage — KIDDING!), I’m handing out Gold Stars like they’re candy. These moms have earned it! It takes a special kind of person to write about the ups and downs of parenting via quirky status updates that read as pure entertainment. Sure, it’d be easy to focus on the weight of a parent’s job — to keep kids fed, to mold minds and prepare little ones to survive in the world one day on their own — but thankfully, many people take a different approach to Facebook that’s far more fun to read.

It’s always possible to communicate the experience of being a parent with a sense of humor rather than just a straight story, and when moms do, they’re setting a good example for other moms. Maybe a woe is mom will pause and remind herself that she doesn’t always have to complain. Maybe a sanctimommy will save her multiple lectures about cloth diapering for another day. And maybe, just maybe, a mom who was thisclose to posting a picture of her placenta will remember that some things aren’t for everyone. One thing that IS for everyone, however, is a good joke. Here are some funny examples, all written by moms:

1. Success

STFU ParentsHow do you measure your success as a parent? By comparing your child to every other child? By obsessing over development charts and other statistics? Or by comparing your still-alive baby to a fickle Japanese plant? If you answered with the latter, you’re on the right track.

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