Beyonce Wants Ketchup-Dipped Bananas, What Was Your Pregnancy Craving?

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Those preggos and their cravings, huh? That wonderful cliche of pregnancy kicks in for all of us at some point in time. While I was pregnant, I was positive that I wasn’t having cravings. “Nothing unusual,” I would tell the multitudes of people who ask pregnant women what odd food choices they’re reaching for. It wasn’t until after I had my daughter that I realized drinking a gallon of grapefruit juice everyday might have been a little odd. And if we’re going to get nit-picky, I guess midnight runs to get McDonald’s french fries were kind of abnormal.

Thankfully, Beyonce has even crazier cravings that make me feel totally normal! I mean, ketchup-dipped bananas? Seriously? How do you even come up with that? Here’s a sneak peak of her new menu, courtesy of a newly-wealthier staffer:

“She’s snacking on Oreo biscuits and gherkins, Bounty ice creams with hot chili sauce and she loves dipping bananas in ketchup. For breakfast, she’s been having croissants with melted Dime bars inside.”

So I was all about citrus fruit, which had a lovely effect on my heartburn. A friend of mine went through a couple dozen eggs a week, because she ate platefuls of scrambled eggs at all hours of the day, and Beyonce is throwing Red Hot on her ice cream.

What was your pregnancy craving? Was it the quantity or the combination that made it really odd? Can anyone top ketchup and bananas?

(Photo: NY Daily News)