What We Know So Far About Meghan Markle’s Parenting Style

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New Zealand House Book of Condolence Caption :The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit New Zealand House to sign the Book of Condolence in respect of last week’s terror attack PersonInImage : Prince Harry,Duke of Sussex,Meghan,Duchess of Sussex,Meghan Markle Credit : John Rainford/WENN

Image: John Rainford/WENN

In the first week of May, the former Meghan Markle and current Duchess of Sussex made Prince Harry a father. The baby is a boy, the first child for both his parents. He’s also breaking royal tradition just by being. He’s the first accepted multiracial child in the monarchy, (though some argue that Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, ancestor of Queen Victoria, may have had surreptitious African DNA). He and his mama will not be immediately made available to the press like the Duchess of Cambridge was after her three births.

In fact, many signs point to this child’s upbringing being quite different than those we’ve seen before in the royal family. Princess Diana broke the mold when she raised her own sons, and it looks as though Harry and Meghan may follow that same rebellious journey. Read below to see our predictions about how Meghan and Harry will be as parents, including both how they’ll conform to tradition and the ways in which they could deviate. Whatever they choose, we extend our congratulations to the new parents! In less than a year they’ve married, taken their first royal tour together, announced a pregnancy, moved from Kensington Palace to Windsor, and had a child. Like the initial stages of their romance, they’ve been at the center of their own personal whirlwind.

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