21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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And “Baby Shark” cake smash sessions.

shark and cake

Images: Giphy / @kokonvzz

If you don’t want to create a Pinterest-inspired birthday party dedicated to the well-known shark family, there is another way to create an ode to the catchy song. Parents are participating in Baby Shark cake smash photo shoots. Their tot dresses up in blue suspenders and tutu skirts and eats blue smash cakes with Baby Shark and his family in the background. One mom took the Baby Shark craze to a different, more creative level. She dressed up her baby as a shark and took pictures of her digging into a boob cake that is red on the inside. This was to celebrate the end of her breastfeeding journey. This alluded to the fact that breastfeeding can be very painful, especially when your baby starts to sprout teeth. This is a photo shoot that breastfeeding moms can both relate and cringe at.

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