21 Most Relatable Moments On ‘Modern Family’

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Ah, the Pritchetts. Traditional with a twist. ‘Modern’ but sometimes incredibly stuck in the ways of their upbringings. They’re TV’s funniest family that makes us say, “who does that?!” while silently thinking that maybe, we do. This is because they’re so relatable, and they help each other remember to see the silver lining in nearly everything. Over the years viewers have watched their kiddos grow up, the parental figures age, and have witnessed all the tribulations that happen along the way. To say that the upcoming ending of the show is going to be bittersweet is an understatement. We’re going to miss those wild adventures!

Here’s a look back on the moments that made us chuckle and feel like all families definitely have some things in common. After all, we’re all dealing with the meshing of different personalities and the day to day struggle of work/life balance. Though we’re not all lawyers like Mitchell, we know the struggle of finding a job with meaning in our fields. We’re definitely not as slap dash as Claire, but so many of us know the challenges of trying to live up to the greatness set as standard by our fathers. Here’s to the Pritchettts. Long may the reruns reign!

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