22 Things You Didn’t Know About Cash Me Ousside Girl Danielle Bregoli

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You may know Danielle Bregoli best from her catchphrase ”Cash Me Outside” from her appearance on Dr. Phil. But despite her infamy, Danielle Bregoli has racked up quite the following on social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She has a total of 16 million followers on Instagram, half a million followers on Twitter, and 6 million subscribers on YouTube. She can make up to $300,000 a month on Instagram alone from advertising products. On her YouTube channel, she posts her music videos along with reaction videos to Musical.ly, fan Halloween costumes, and fan art.

Danielle Bregoli was rumored to become a millionaire by the end of 2017 when she was only 14 years old. She confirmed her millionaire status in an interview with TMZ in early 2018. Between singing a multi-million record deal with Atlantic Records, her earnings from a single Instagram post, and charging $40,000 for meet and greets, her millionaire status was no surprise. What did she spend the money on? According to her interview with TMZ, she ”only spends her money on nails and eyelashes.” Whether you like her or hate her, she is in the spotlight for the long haul. And whether you believe it or not, there is more to Danielle than her tough exterior. Read on to find out more about this internet sensation turned rapper.

She is the youngest female rapper to appear on the Billboard Hot 100.

billboard top 100
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In August 2017, Danielle Bregoli’s first single ”These Heaux” reached 77 in the Billboard Hot 100. She is the youngest female rapper to have this honor. After Bregoli was signed on Atlantic Records, her single, ”Hi Bich” reached 68 on the list in September. Her third single to make the list was ”Gucci Flip Flops”. This single made 80 on the list in May 2018. In September 2018, she has been featured on the cover of Billboard Magazine as part of a paid advertisement deal with the magazine. After having three singles on the Billboard Hot 100 list, she chose to make this investment. She wanted to let veterans in the hip hop industry know that she has staying power.

She was nominated for several awards.

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Danielle Bregoli sealed the deal as a household name. Her three award nominations proved this. She was nominated as ”Trending” by the MTV TV and Movie Awards for her appearance on Dr. Phil in 2017. She began her rap career and changed her image completely (she was not allowed to say the words ‘cash me ousside’). As a result, she was nominated as Top Rap Female Artist by the Billboard Music Awards along with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B in 2018. And in 2019, she was nominated as Top Social Star by the iHeart Radio Music Awards. Will 2019 be Danielle’s year? You can tune into the iHeart Radio Music Awards on NBC in March to find out.

She has her own reality TV show on Snapchat.

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Danielle Bregoli announced that she will be getting her own reality TV show, ”Bringing Up Bhabie” in October 2018. As the face of Snapchat, it is no surprise that Danielle chose to premiere her reality TV show on this video app instead of a television network. This is also one of the many ”Snap Originals” to be released this year. This show has twelve episodes for its first season and it focuses on Danielle’s life and music career. On its premiere date in February 2019, it received over 10 million viewers in a 24 hour period. Danielle sees ”Bringing Up Bhabie” as a way for her fans and her haters to see a ”softer side of her”.

She threatened to sue Walmart.

danielle bregoli threatens to sue walmart
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After Walmart released fifteen articles of clothing with the catchphrase ”Cash me outside how bout dah”, Danielle and her mom threatened to sue the superstore. They threatened to take legal action because Walmart was selling these merchandise without giving Danielle and her family any money from their earnings. Their legal team demanded Walmart to remove the clothing from their stores within five days. If they refused, then they will begin to file a lawsuit. Additionally, Danielle’s attorney asked the superstore how much they made from the merchandise, most likely as an attempt to get a percentage of the earnings.

She was sentenced to five years of probation in 2017.

danielle bregoli
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In June 2017, Danielle pleads guilty to four charges at the age of 14. Two charges were related to grand theft, one was for marijuana possession, and the other was for filing a false police report. These charges occurred prior to her appearance on Dr. Phil, meaning that these happened when she was 13 or younger. She had other charges as well, but these were dropped after she accepted the plea deal. She was expected to get off probation in 2022, which she would complete in her California home. Thanks to her attorney, Doug Duncan, who was Tiger Wood’s attorney, she got off probation in just five months.

She is banned from Spirit Airlines for life.

danielle bregoli banned from spirit airlines
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Danielle Bregoli got into a conflict with someone at Spirit Airlines when she was traveling in Los Angeles with her mother. After Danielle’s mother had some trouble placing her carry-on bag overhead (she was wearing a foot cast), a woman confronted her because of the long wait. They began to argue and things became physical from there. Danielle punched the woman, but she said it was because the woman had her hands around her mom’s neck. The woman made a citizen’s arrest and the police escorted all three of the women off the plane. Luckily, there were no arrests made and their lawyers were able to handle the situation.

She went to a Utah ranch for troubled teens after her Dr. Phil appearance.

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After Danielle’s first appearance on Dr. Phil, she went to the Turn-About Ranch, a residential home in Utah. She spent four and a half months on the ranch taking of a stubborn horse named Chief. Her experience at the ranch taught her that she ”doesn’t have to put on a front” anymore. When Danielle returns to Dr. Phil in February 2017, she tells him that ”she made him just like Oprah and he was nothing before she came on the show.” She softens up later in the show and expresses her gratitude for going to the ranch. Her goal is to ”turn her social media fame into helping others.”

She was one of Time Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Teens of 2018.

time magazine
Images: Giphy / @g1ft3d

In December 2018, Danielle Bregoli made the list, along with Millie Bobby Brown, the March for Our Lives teens, and Joey King. She made the list for being able to transform her fifteen minutes of fame from her appearance on Dr. Phil to becoming a Billboard Top 100 rapper. Danielle told the magazine that ”she do anything” when she became famous, but she chose to pursue music. Her appearance on Dr. Phil put her foot in the door, but her career propelled due to her determination and her manager, Adam Kluger, believing in her. Even though she captions her Instagram post announcing her spot on this list as ”let your kids listen to me”, she does not see herself a role model to kids. She tells the magazine that teens can ”dress like me, just don’t act like me”.

She has a $900,000 makeup deal.

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In January 2019, Danielle signed a $900,000 deal with the makeup company. She would serve as the face for CopyCat Beauty and she also gets paid a percentage of sales. In exchange, she promotes the makeup company on social media platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube. This is a six-month deal.  If the company is successful, the deal can be extended for up to three years. She can even get her own makeup line within the company! So far, the collaboration has been very successful. Copycat Beauty earned $500,000 in sales and more exposure on its social media page.  And this was just on the first day that Danielle has served as the face of the brand.

She went on multiple tours.

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Danielle Bregoli went on her ”Cash Me Outside” tour in July 2017. For her “test tour”, she visited popular cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Houston, Texas. She did not perform any songs at the tour, but she lip-synced her favorite songs, performed cameos did a live Q& A, and invited audience members on stage. She would earn $50,000 for each show if it sold out. Her ”Bhanned in the USA” tour began in April 2018 and included 25 cities, including NYC, Chicago, Boston, London, and Amsterdam. She was predicted to earn up to $1 million dollars from this tour.

She gave her mother $65,000 for Christmas.

Images: Giphy / CBC

Even though Danielle Bregoli is known for disagreeing with her mother, it does not mean that their relationship is always rocky. During the 2017 holiday season, Danielle records herself telling her mom ”Merry Christmas, Bich!” as she gives her an envelope. She captures her mom reading the card in the envelope and crying after she sees the number on the check. Her mom expresses her gratitude by giving her daughter a hug. She gave her mom the money so that she could pay off her mortgage. Under her tough exterior, she shows her mom that she has a heart of gold.

She might have a twin sister.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures / The Parent Trap

Rumors erupted on social media when Danielle posted a picture next to a girl who looked strikingly similar to her on the web. She captioned the picture that she posted on her Instagram page as ”sis”, even though she did not specify whether the girl pictured was her biological sister or her friend who she affectionately called ”sis”. Either way, her post got people on social media talking. Danielle Bregoli had more rumored sisters, from a rumored step-sister named Zeze Bregoli who she allegedly had a conflict with and other guests who appeared on Dr. Phil. We only know for sure that Danielle has two brothers on her father’s side, who are ten and twelve years old.

She spent $40,000 on new teeth.

Images: Nickelodeon / The Fairly Oddparents

In January 2019, Danielle invested in a brand new smile. She was not satisfied with her smile since she felt like she had too much crowding in the bottom row. She decided to visit a well- known doctor in California where she decided on porcelain veneers, which are used on discolored and chipped teeth. Her two four hour sessions included eight top teeth and eight bottom teeth. Now her teeth are fixed with money that could have paid off your student loans! But as the face for Snapchat and CopyCat Beauty, those new pearly whites can come in handy after all.

Her dad does not approve of her rapping career.

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With the help of her manager mom, Danielle was able to transform from the controversial ”Cash Me Outside” girl to successful ”Bhad Bhabie” rapper. Unfortunately, she does not have support from her father for her career. According to her father, her record label was exploiting her sexually. He felt like it was also looking to use her as a cash cow. He particularly does not approve of her friendship with rapper, Kodak Black, a 21-year-old with a history of sexual assault. According to her father, she does not deserve her record label with Atlantic Records, since ”many people worked so hard and did not get a record label.”

Her birth name is Danielle Marie Peskowitz.

Images: Files / Palm Beach Post

Bregoli is actually her mother’s last name, Barbara Ann Bregoli, who is of Italian descent. She shares the last name of her father, Ira Peskowitz, who is of Polish Jewish descent. She changed her last name to Bregoli because she is estranged from her father. Her parents were never married to each other but they dated for a year before her mom became pregnant. They split when Danielle was a baby. Danielle was mainly raised by her mother in Boynton Beach, Florida. Her father worked as a deputy in Palm Beach, Florida and got married soon after his split with Barbara and had two sons.

She has sixteen tattoos.

Images: Giphy / Needles and Pins

Even though she is under 18, Danielle Bregoli already has sixteen tattoos. She got her first tattoo, the word ”Loyalty”, at the age of twelve. The words looked sloppy since the design was most likely not done by a professional. She got a new design, three lily flowers on her right foot, to cover up her ”Loyalty” tattoo. However, she got a new ”Loyalty” tattoo on her forearm written in script with a butterfly in August 2018. Danielle cannot be legally tattoed in her hometown in Florida, or her current state, California, even with her parent’s permission. However, when she went on her Bhanned by the USA tour with her mother, she had access to visit states where she can get inked at a licensed tattoo parlor at fifteen with her parent’s permission.

She got into a fight with Iggy Azalea.

Images: Giphy / @loveonstereo

In November 2018, Danielle Bregoli got into an altercation with Iggy Azalea at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova event. This altercation started because Iggy Azalea commented about Danielle on Twitter to ask who would possibly attend one of Danielle’s shows. Danielle responded that Iggy should attend so that she could know what a sold-out show looks like. However, that did not stop Bhad Bhabie from pouring a drink on Iggy Azalea when they were both at Hollywood nightclub, Boulevard3. Iggy’s crew started fighting back and Danielle’s security had to restrain her so that there were no other altercations. Iggy chose not to fight back because she sees Danielle as a ”little kid”.

She has her own merchandise line.

Images: Paramount Pictures / Clueless

Before Danielle’s manager banned her from using the infamous catchphrase when rebranding her as Bhad Bhabie, she decided to ”cash” in on it. In February 2017, Danielle created a Shopify account to sell merchandise with the famous slogan. This line included t-shirts, a puzzle, a blanket, a tote, and a ceramic plate. Items range from $25 to $250. If you would like to make a purchase, it’s too late now. Everything on the website is completely sold out. However, Danielle got into a bit of hot water with Hanes for using Champion’s logo to create a ”Cash me ousside” hoodie. Danielle took down the hoodie from her Shopify site. But you can see the hoodie here to decide for yourself if the logo on her hoodie resembles the Champion one.

She wants to collaborate with Cardi B.

Images: Giphy / The Jimmy Fallon Show

Bhad Bhabie has already collaborated with multiple artists, including Kodak Black, Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Yatchy, and Lil Baby. But despite her altercation with Iggy Azalea at Cardi B’s event, she would like the recent Grammy winner to be her next collab. In February 2019, she reveals in a video that she would like to work with Cardi because she sees her as a ”raw, honest person”. This is not the first time that Bregoli has praised Cardi B. In April 2018, she tells TMZ that ”Cardi B really deserves to win”when she is asked who she thinks will be crowned Top Rap Female Artist at the Billboard Music Awards.

She wants people to stop mentioning her age.

Images: Summit Entertainment / New Moon

One of the things that Danielle is most known for is her youth. There are many internet memes that contrast her with Nickelodeon star, Jojo Siwa. Even though they are both fifteen years old, they act vastly different from each other. However, in October 2018, Danielle reveals that she wants to stop hearing about her age and gender. She states that if she was a ”young boy” or an ”old[er] woman”, then her persona would not be nearly as controversial. She sees being young and a girl as two strikes against her already. Whether you are a fan of hers or not, her commentary definitely gives you something to think about when you see internet memes about this teenager.

She helped a fan set up a marriage proposal at her concert.

Images: Touchstone Pictures / Sweet Home Alabama

Who said that Bhad Bhabie’s music isn’t romantic? Danielle Bregoli surprised the world when she helped an Aussie fan propose to his girlfriend at one of her sold-out shows in December 2018. This was not a spontaneous moment. It took some planning from Danielle and her team. In the video, Danielle brings the pair onstage after one of her songs. To the girlfriend’s surprise, he goes on one knee in front of everyone in the packed venue. Many reports on this story stated that Danielle said yes to a marriage proposal. She technically did but it did not change her relationship status. Even if it was true, since she is only fifteen years old it would be a while until she walks down the aisle.

Nobody knows where she got her accent from.

Images: Giphy / Dr. Phil

When Danielle went on Dr. Phil’s show for the first time, people were drawn to her not only by her behavior and her catchphrase but also by her accent. Fans did not know where her accent came from or why she has an accent but her mom does not. Critics also commented that she ”sounded black”, which Danielle responded by saying that ”you cannot sound like a skin color.” However, when she speaks in a video where she recalls the Spirit Airlines situation, she sounds completely different than she did when she appeared on Dr. Phil. Critics stated that her accent on Dr. Phil was fake.

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