40 Hilarious Baby Photoshoot Pinterest Fails

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Image: Facebook / First Smile – Baby Journal App

Oh, Pinterest, how we love thee. You give us so many creative ideas! From cute crafts to do with our kids, incredible recipes to make for your family, to home decor and more, you have us “pinning” the days away. The website is home to so very many innovate and inventive ideas! That also includes some really amazing pictures. Many photographers share their work on the platform. From beautiful landscapes and portraits, to maternity and beyond. Then, of course are the really adorable baby photo shoots! From wee ones in baskets to adorable babies all swaddled up and sweet. There is certainly no shortage of baby photo shoots to look through.

If you’re a new mom with an infant, or are a mom-to-be, you might be looking for ideas on how to make your newborn’s photo shoot fabulous! Pinterest is definitely the place to be find an idea that will strike your fancy. You want it to be perfect, you only get this chance once, your newborn’s first photos! But every once in awhile, you will come across a bit of hilarity. Sometimes the baby’s photo shoot doesn’t go as mommy and daddy had planned. The image in their mind differs just a bit from what was actually snapped. No matter, though. Babies are adorable no matter what. These photos are just a start of what will be many funny family memories to come.

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