DIY Kids Decor: Storybook Wall Art

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Last weekend, I took a look at some fun and inventive new kids furniture. After shopping for my daughter’s new Big Kid bed, I was astonished at the imaginative offerings out there. But the expanded selection at furniture stores doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune to create an awesome kid’s room. Some of our commenters noted that there are a lot of easy and inexpensive ways for parents to create their own kids decor, without the designer price tag.

In case you haven’t guessed that this picture isn’t actually professional, I’m going to admit that I’m completely craft averse. I have absolutely zero artistic talent. I can’t decorate a decent cake or paint… anything. I come from a family of journalers, drawers, photographers and talented artists. Unfortunately, my toddler can draw a better puppy dog than me. However, I decided to attempt some DIY home decor anyways. Let’s all be honest, this isn’t HGTV material. But the fact that I could pull it off is definitely a selling point.

So here’s my first-ever hand-made product to decorate our nursery, just in case we ever need one. It’s an idea that I’ve had ever since my first daughter was born and now I’ve finally gotten around to doing it.

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