21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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Which sold out in three days over the 2018 holiday season.

baby shark safe at last

Images: Giphy / Alo 7 Love to Learn

Three days after WowWee announced their partnership with Amazon and Walmart just in time for the holiday season, the toys completely sold out. That was shocking news overall, but good news for parents who did not want to hear this earworm every second of their life. However, it was horrible news for children whose parents promised them the singing plush but was not able to browse online to get it on time. If parents were desperate enough to please their children, there was a light at the end of the rainbow. Third-party sellers, who stocked up on the singing plushes way in advance, sold the plushes for $80 for Baby Shark and Daddy Shark, $75 for Mommy Shark, and $50 for the singing cubes, all including free shipping.

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