21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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Baby Shark is getting its own show.

baby shark dance

Images: Giphy / Alo7 Love to Learn

After creating Baby Shark, Halloween Shark, Christmas Shark, and Valentine’s Day Shark, you would think that PinkFong is all out of ideas. You couldn’t be more wrong. Smart Study, the startup behind Pinkfong, told Bloomberg that they will be releasing short videos on Netflix through a partnership with the streaming company. Now your toddler can watch Baby Shark on the big screen instead of their tablet (goodbye Netflix marathons!) They will also be releasing a musical in North America sometime this year. They also plan on creating a TV show for a slightly older audience, ages five to eight. Why did they choose penguins as the subject behind the show? Seungkyu Lee, the CFO of SmartStudy, “really liked Madagascar”.

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