Captain Morgan’s New Apple Smash Flavor Is Booze-y Jolly Rancher Goodness

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We’re old now — well, at least I am. I’m in my mid-30s and that means I am no longer built for taking fireball whiskey shots and tequila. I can do it, but I need to be able to function the next day because kids and don’t want to be up all night with heartburn. That stuff happens you know as you get older. So a new boozy shot needed to be found and it was discovered in Captain Morgan’s Apple Smash bursting apple shot.

And this shot doesn’t taste like you’re trying to hang with the cool crowd while drinking something that should only be sold at the pharmacy and included in every first aid kid. This tastes good. Like candy good.

Captain Morgan’s Apple Smash is a blend of Captain Morgan rum and fruit flavors — apple in this case.

The bottle is adorable, too. Shaped like an apple with a scratch and sniff sticker on the bottle so you can get a whiff of the scent that will bring you back to your hard-candy jolly ranger days. The vibes are the same — and the scratch and sniff just makes it feel more nostalgic.

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The tart booze clocks in at 30% ABV, so you know, shoot those shots responsibly.

It’s recommended that you enjoy the product as is, intended to be taken as shots. Just make sure it’s cold because it tastes better that way. There’s a good burst of sour at first, and there’s not too much of that bad OMG I JUST TOOK A SHOT alcohol burn that sometimes happens (OK, all the time for me). But if you’re not a fan of shots there are other ideas for how you can enjoy this — I mixed it with a bit of Sprite after shooting a few shots. Others say it goes good with ginger ale.

The Captain Morgan’s Apple Smash is available now for $16. 

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(Image: Mommyish / Devan McGuinness)