This Hubba Bubba Flavored Gin Liqueur Sounds Like the Perfect ’90s Throwback

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There are a lot of great things about being an adult and a lot of that is being able to do things that we couldn’t do as a child.  As me if I have a bed time and I’ll laugh because no, I’m an adult and can stay up as late as I want (or really, go to bed as soon as possible). But, there are also many things about childhood that many of us wish we could hold on to as we get older. People would look at us with a side eye if we ordered sprinkles on our pancakes. Riding around with tassels on our bikes might make people confuse our age, and things like bubble gum flavored goodness aren’t as readily available for adults as we would like. And that’s why this Hubba Bubba gin liqueur has us in party mode.

Thanks to Sweet Little Liqueurs, and a UK-based online gin-focused retailer called Ginspiration, we now get the ability to enjoy that bubble gum flavor that was basically the scent of summer during our childhood. This Hubba Bubba gin liqueur can be mixed with tonic and strawberry, and a sprig of mint, which sounds way more enjoyable than chewing and blowing bubbles, if you ask me.

According to company, the Hubba Bubba gin liqueur is also good with another summer-time favorite, lemonade.

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“Bubba Hubba Liqueur is certainly unique and also nostalgic, as it takes you back to your childhood when you’re sipping on this brilliant bubblegum flavored liqueur!,” the write up reads on Ginspiration. “Sweet Little Bubblegum mixes perfectly with Premium Lemonade, any of your favorite Premium Tonic Waters, Prosecco or you can enjoy it neat. This is a perfect gift to loved ones to give them a bit of nostalgia and remind them of the past, or you can treat yourself to one of the best liqueurs that money can buy!”

Sweet Little Liqueur’s Hubba Bubba gin liqueur is currently out of stock at Ginspiration and unfortunately, Ginspiration only ships to the UK mainland. If you’re living in or visiting the UK, a bottle of the Bubba Hubba Liqueur runs between £22.99 and £29.99 for a 17 fl oz bottle, which is approximately $29.30 to $38.23 in US dollars.

(Image: ginspiration)