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Calm Down Guys, Jinger Duggar IS Pregnant, No Need for Bump-Shaming

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Ever since Jinger Duggar announced her pregnancy, people have been on eagle-eye bump watch. It seems like Jinger is everyone’s favorite Duggar, and she and husband Jeremy waited to so long to get pregnant, people were starting to wonder if it was ever going to happen. Now, by “waited so long”, I mean they waited like a year. But in Duggar years, that’s like 16 years and she was practically an old lady. But alas, she eventually got herself a little bun in the oven. So now, of course, the bump-shamers and pregnancy conspiracy theorists are out in full force. Jeremy posted a picture of him and Jinger at Magnolia Market, and folks immediately zeroed in the size of Jinger’s bump. Between that and all the people asking why Jinger was wearing pants, the comments were a real shit show.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo made a pit-stop at Magnolia Market in Texas.

But where is the bump, Jinger? Where is it? What have you done with it?! Lord, it’s like people have never seen a pregnant woman. She’s only 24 weeks, and at this stage, the bump comes and goes, basically. Apparently, once you’re pregnant, people expect a giant bump in every single picture.

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Image: Instagram/@jeremy_vuolo

Here’s the thing: Jinger Duggar is 24. This is her first baby. And she’s only 24 weeks pregnant! It’s TOTALLY normal to have a small bump, or for it to start small in the morning and pop out a bit more throughout the day. First pregnancies are the BEST.

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That was Jinger at 22 weeks. So clearly, she’s pregnant. And people honestly think a DUGGAR could have a premature baby and it wouldn’t make the news? Come on, guys. In the Bump Gate picture, Jinger is sitting in a weird position, and clearly wearing a baggier top. And honestly, she looks pregnant to me. Sure, you can’t see a big ol’ watermelon sticking out of her belly. But there’s definitely a bump there.

jinger duggar

Image: Instagram/@jeremy_vuolo

People are so weird. And clearly, don’t get enough sex and reproductive education.

(Image: Instagram / @jeremy_vuolo)