21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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baby shark

Image: YouTube / PinkFong

If you know a kid under five, you know that Baby Shark is a big deal. Over 5 billion people watched all PinkFong versions of Baby Shark. And over 2.3 billion people watched the dance version of Baby Shark. You know, the one with the two kids dancing to the song. Pinkfong’s dance version is also the eighteenth most watched video on YouTube. This all shows how much this preschool song is taking the entire world by storm.

In January, Baby Shark made its debut on the list as not only Billboard Top 100 song, but also Top 40. When it placed #32 on the list, Twitter had a lot to say about its success. Some people were excited and others wondered how it became so viral that it made Billboard’s list. That’s an easy one, toddlers who play the song over and over are definitely responsible for this not-so-surprising news. Baby Shark is not the first children’s song to make it on Billboard’s list. Frozen’s “Let It Go” made it to #5 on the list in 2014. And Sesame Street’s “Rubber Duckie” song made it to #16 in 1970.

Will “Baby Shark” reach the level that “Let It Go” and “Rubber Duckie”? Or is it just receiving its fifteen minutes of fame? We don’t know yet, but so far it looks like it just might be here to stay. Here are some more facts about this internet sensation.

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