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Work-At-Home Mom Doesn’t Like Obama’s Childcare Tax Credit Because It Means Nothing For Her

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Are you in the mood for a rage read this morning? I sure hope so, because boy do I have the goods. Or, the “goodies”, according to Joy Pullman. She is the author of what might be one of the most ridiculous and offensive essays I have ever read. She wrote it in response to President Obama’s childcare tax credit that he spoke of in his State of the Union address earlier this week. Her stance is that because she and her husband were able to make their family operate without using childcare, that ALL families should be able to. And she does not see why her tax dollars should support people who didn’t make the sacrifices she did. My brain hurts- please join me so I’m not alone.

I am going to insert some choice quotes here from her piece in The Federalist and go to town:

We just felt a compelling, irresistible responsibility for that little boy, that we must be the ones to respond to his (many) night-time cries, and personally introduce him to colors, touch, sound, movement, and love—just as I had done for him while he was in my womb. When he had his first heartbeat, I was there. When he had his first breath, both mom and dad were there. And we refused to leave.

Sure. Because working parents who utilize daycare feel no such “compelling, irresistible responsibility” to always be there. Or, you know, they thought it pertinent to get their bills paid. Same difference, really.

That decision required my husband to keep a crappy, low-wage job far beneath his abilities because it let him work nights and weekends, meaning he could care for our child while I was at work. (My super-generous Catholic boss allowed me to work from home several afternoons a week post-baby, which made the schedules just work for us.)

So now, she freely admits that she was lucky enough to have a boss who made the schedules work for them. Guess what? My boss when I worked outside of the home was nothing even close to flexible! He couldn’t be, the hours were what they were. Not every job can be done from home, lady.

It required us each to rush home after work instead of enjoying networking and relaxing with colleagues over a drink or meal. It required us to stay home on weekends, and forget date nights, movies in the theater, eating out, all those little American luxuries. But we did it, and it was the right thing. We felt this was one way we chose to love our child. And it made our high-touch, heavy-nursing momma’s boy very fat and happy.

Oh, good Lord. Yes, we did that too- the skipping date nights and movies in the theater and, guess why? Because we were spending TONS of money on daycare and could barely afford a pizza! Which brings us to her next bit of what-the-fuck:

Our arrangement didn’t generate so many tax revenues for President Obama’s high-tax, big-government planned economy. Maybe that’s why he declared non-parent child-care a “must-have” in Tuesdays’ State of the Union speech: “It’s not a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have. It’s time we stop treating childcare as a side issue, or a women’s issue, and treat it like the national economic priority that it is for all of us.”


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