Weird Things That Will Make You Cry During Your Pregnancy, According To Mommyish Readers

emotional-memeA few days ago we asked you all to tell us what the most ridiculous thing you cried about during pregnancy was. You did not disappoint.

Maybe not all women get emotional during their pregnancies, but for those of us who did — and for those of you who are pregnant right now and experiencing some ridiculous mood swings — it’s comforting to know you are not alone.

We got hundreds of responses to the question, “What’s the weirdest thing that made you cry during your pregnancy?” Here are some of the answers. Hang in there, ladies. There will come a day soon when an improperly buttered piece of toast no longer turns you into sobbing mess.

“A butterfly landed on my stomach in Home Depot and I took it as a good omen and started bawling right there in the ceiling fan aisle.” – Ashley Austrew

“I think I’ve told this story a million times, but I cried because I killed my Yoshi in Super Mario Brothers. Not my proudest moment.” – Wicked Prophet Kay Sue

“I hit a baby deer that ran out in front of me while driving on a country road…the momma deer was right there and witnessed it all. A normal thing to cry about? Yes! Crying about it on and off most of the time seemingly out of nowhere for a few weeks and wailing to my husband ‘The mom saw it happen!!'” – LetsJustBuildaHouse

“The stupidest thing was the MMORPG I was playing at the time had a glitch and it meant my toon’s fashion was invisible. So my pixel person had to wear clothes I didn’t like… I cried everytime some one in game commented on what I was wearing.” – Looby

“Probably receiving the wrong order at Dairy Queen. I tried to act like I was totally fine when we got back to the car but it was clear a couple miles down the road that I was, in fact, hysterically crying even though I tried to hide my face in a pillow and choked out an accusation that the dogs were whining in the back. My husband found the nearest Dairy Queen off the highway and got me the correct order. I also found myself in tears over an episode of Bob’s Burgers.” – Knitted Bacon

“I was craving sweets and sent my husband to the grocery store at 11 p.m. (just before closing). I wanted a hostess pie (the gross, but oh-so-good ones). He brought home an entire apple pie from the bakery because he thought it looked better. All the tears.” – Libby 13

“My husband came home with cheddar cheese jalapeno poppers instead of the cream cheese ones, and I definitely cried. You have to get the right kind when you have a craving!” – Jayamama

“Coldstone Creamery carries oatmeal cookie batter ice cream seasonally. I went in on a huge craving at about 8 months, they were out. I cried in the store.” – Natasha B

“The one I’m most ashamed of is crying at the video of the cop dancing in his car to Taylor Swift, even though I realized it was staged and some lame attempt to humanize police with all that has happened recently. My mind said all of this but my hormones said ‘Happy dancing! Catchy music! He has daughters….waaaaaaah.'” – Hibbie

“I bought stamps while pregnant. They had baby foxes on them and I started crying in the post office. Because stamps…” – Ivy81

“I had a full on sob listening to the Wicked soundtrack, what if someone tries to place limits on my unborn daughter when she wants to fly? Waaaaa!” – Boozy Inactivist

“I was at work, it was a Tuesday (which was our busiest day every week) and someone was microwaving broccoli in the break room and it made my cubicle smell really bad. I just couldn’t hold it together.” – Cindy Alley

See, it happens to the best of us!

(photo: Mr. Nikon/ Shutterstock)

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