Open Thread: What’s The Weirdest Thing That Made You Cry During Your Pregnancy?

There’s a video making the rounds of a pregnant woman crying while she watches her husband portion vegetables into little plastic bags. Not sure what’s making her so emotional, it seems to have something to do with the fact that he’s not putting equal amounts of vegetables in each mixing bowl before he portions them out. It’s not the funniest video out there, but it does remind me of some ridiculous things I cried about while pregnant.


I don’t like to perpetuate the myth of the emotional pregnant lady, because not all pregnant women respond to hormone fluctuations the same way. But I sure as hell had my moments during my pregnancy. My husband once brought home a Lenders bagel with margarine on it when I sent him on a breakfast run. We lived in NYC at the time: the land of delicious bagels. We’ve also never bought a tub of margarine, ever. It was the combination of those two decisions — purchasing a Lenders bagel in NYC and bringing it home to your butter-loving pregnant wife — that drove me to tears. Admittedly, ridiculous.

Then there was the time in my second pregnancy that my chef-friend told me taste something that he knew had cinnamon in it. For some reason, I could not STAND cinnamon or various other spices my pre-pregnant self found delicious while pregnant with my second child. Tears.

So, make me feel less ridiculous. What were some of the dumb things you burst into tears over when you were pregnant?

(photo: mogen creative/ Shutterstock)

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