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What Your Toddler’s Snacks Say About You

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silver platterSome women like to vet potential mom friends by observing their parenting style on the playground to weed out the overprotective hover-mothers. Others resort to using their Facebook investigation skills to look for anti-vaccination posts or the hashtag #blessed. Me, I wait for that moment when your kid says they’re hungry and you reach for the diaper bag, because everything you need to know about a mom, you can learn through the snacks they feed their kid. Here’s what your toddler’s snacks say about you.


1. Goldfish Crackers

You are a basic mom who appreciates a food that is both delicious and whimsical. You would be great to grab a Starbucks with, and won’t judge me for eating the kid’s leftovers, because you do the same thing.

2. Go-gurt

Giving your kid yogurt makes you feel like you’re doing something healthy, but this is one step better because there’s no spoon to dig out of the toy box afterwards. You’re lazy, yet surprisingly efficient.

3. Homemade kale chips

Even though I actually like kale, I’m afraid that you’ll scrutinize my parenting skills if we were to arrange a play date. And besides, yours is probably the house where fun goes to die anyway.

4. Chocolate chip cookies

Having your kids love you is what matters most to you in the world. You pride yourself on your messy house because “you’d rather make memories with your children than do laundry.”

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