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18 Duggar Family Rules That Are Strict AF

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It’s no secret that the Duggar family has some … interesting rules. They’re rumored to be a part of the super conservative Quiverfull movement, a contingent of Christians who shun contraception (would explain all the kids). But aside from the “have lots of babies” stuff, the Duggar family rules are kind of insane, and super strict. Everyday is a party in the Duggar house! (Just kidding, it’s not, parties aren’t allowed.) Now, I realize of course that every family is different, and as such, every Duggar is different! We’ve seen some of these rules broken over the last year or so. Noses have been pierced, pants have been worn. One Duggar couple even waited a whole year after getting married to have a baby!

But generally speaking, the Duggar family rules apply to everyone. And they seem to be part of the fabric of that family. I imagine that with a family of that size, rules are necessary. But when you really dig into the Duggar family rules, something becomes very apparent. These aren’t rules meant to keep the day-to-day stuff running smoothly. These are rules meant to shame and control the women of the Duggar clan. Nearly all of the rules here apply to the daughters instead of the sons. Long live the patriarchy, I guess.

The Duggar family rules run the gamut, from understandable to downright wacky. For example, they don’t allow their kids to go on dates without a chaperone. Like, ever.

Jim Bob and Michelle often accompany their kids on dates, to keep things from becoming inappropriate. This is especially true for the girls, because apparently being in the company of men puts them in moral danger (maybe they should’ve chaperoned the girls around their older brother, just sayin’). What makes this especially weird is how the courting process works in the Duggar family. These kids aren’t going on dates with randos. Every date is a step toward marriage, and the potential partner has been vetted by Michelle and Jim Bob. So they would presumably have gotten the stamp of approval? 

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