UPDATED AGAIN: After Harvey Weinstein, the List of Hollywood and Media Men Accused of Sexual Harassment Continues to Grow

The Harvey Weinstein scandal blew the lid off sexual harassment and abuse in entertainment and media. But the stories continue to come out. More and more people are coming forward everyday with their experiences of being harassed or abused by powerful men in industries dominated by powerful men. From CEO’s to producers to world-renowned actors, the list of men accused of sexual harassment or abuse gets longer and longer each day. Here are the names and allegations against some of the most prominent men who’ve been accused, updated on December 11.

Mario Batali, chef and restaurantuer


Batali announced on December 11 that he would be stepping down from his restaurant empire following allegations of sexual misconduct. The chef has been accused of inappropriate touching by at least 4 women, 3 of whom worked in his restaurants at some point. People in the food world were not surprised.

Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam Recordings and CEO of Rush Communications


After writer (and daughter of Sidney Lumet) Jenny Lumet came forward with allegations of being sexually violated by Simmons in the 90s, Simmons issued an apology and statement, and voluntarily stepped down from roles at his companies.

Matt Lauer, news anchor


Matt Lauer, the long-running host of NBC’s Today Show and NBC News, was fired on Wednesday morning after an employee filed a complaint against the anchor for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. While his termination seemed to come out of nowhere, reports say staff were only told Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to prevent the story from being scooped. The firing is connected to incidents that happened during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

It should be noted that several journalists have been investigating allegations against Lauer, and NBC was aware of what they’d found. There are accusations from multiple women.

Garrison Keillor, former radio show host


The former host of “A Prairie Home Companion” was fired from Minnesota Public Radio on Wednesday morning, following allegations of inappropriate behavior. Keillor retired from hosting the popular show last year, but still produced “The Writer’s Almanac”.

Charlie Rose, TV host


Charlie Rose was terminated from his show on PBS after 8 women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. The accusations ranged from making unwanted sexual advances to physical assault.  Rose issued an apology that said he believed he was pursuing “shared feelings”.

Nick Carter, singer


Melissa Schuman, a former teen pop star, accused Carter of raping her when she was 18 and he was 22. Melissa is now 33, and recounted the incident on her personal blog. Carter issued a statement saying that this is the first time he’s heard the accusations, and that it goes against his nature to harm another person.

Brett Ratner, filmmaker


Ratner has been accused of sexual harassment or misconduct by at least 6 women. The accusations range from forcing women to watch him masturbate, to forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him. Ratner has denied the allegations. After they came to light, Gal Gadot said she would not return as Wonder Woman if Ratner was attached to the film in anyway, and he was kicked off the sequel. Warner Bros also cut ties with the filmmaker, saying they would not be renewing his production deal with the studio.

Al Franken, politician


Franken, a senator from Minnesota, has been accused of inappropriate touching by several women. Photographs surfaced that showed Franken pretending to grope the breasts of a sleeping woman. He has apologized, but has said he has no plans to step down from his role as senator.

Jeffrey Tambor, actor


Tambor was accused of sexual misconduct by his personal assistant and one of his co-stars on Amazon’s hit show Transparent. A formal investigation into the allegations was opened by Amazon, but before the results could be made public, Tambor resigned from the show, citing a “politicized atmosphere”.

Louis CK, comedian


Comedian and actor Louis CK admitted to sexual misconduct with 5 different women, following a bombshell New York Times article in early November. He was accused of masturbating in front of women. His upcoming film I Love You, Daddy has been shelved indefinitely, he was dropped by his management company, and HBO and FX have cut ties with the disgraced comedian.

Kevin Spacey, actor


The House of Cards actor has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances. Actor Anthony Rapp said Spacey picked him up and placed him in bed, then climbed on top of him. Rapp was only 14 at the time of the incident. Spacey issued an apology, blaming alcohol for his behavior. Netflix has suspended production of House of Cards, which was scheduled to begin filming it’s sixth season.

Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios


Producer Isa Dick Hackett has accused Price of sexual harassment. He has resigned from Amazon Studios.

Ben Affleck, actor


Actress Hilarie Burton tweeted a video of Affleck groping her on the set of MTV’s TRL in the early 2000’s. Affleck has apologized for the incident.

Andy Signore, creator of Screen Junkies


Signore was fired by Defy Media after at least 5 women accused him of sexual harassment.

Bob Weinstein, producer


Following the implosion of his brother’s life, Bob Weinstein spoke out against Harvey. He has since been accused of sexual harassment by Amanda Segel, executive producer of a Weinstein Company-produced TV series. A representative has denied the allegations.

Oliver Stone, director

Stone came to Weinstein’s defense early on after the scandal broke. He has since been accused of groping actress Carrie Stevens at a party.

James Toback, director


Toback has been accused of sexual harassment and other abuses by HUNDREDS of women. He denies the allegations, but the Beverly Hills police have opened an investigation into the allegations.

Mark Halperin, reporter and author

Halperin has been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct by several women, going back years. He has admitted to some incidents of misconduct. Halperin has been dropped by HBO, NBC News, and MSNBC.

Lockhart Steele, website creator


Steele was accused of sexual harassment by former Vox employee Eden Rohatensky. Vox fired Steele following the allegations.

Andrew Kramer, Lionsgate executive

A former assistant accused Kramer of harassment. Lionsgate has dropped him from the company.

Jeordie White, aka Twiggy, bassist for Marilyn Manson


White was fired from the band after he was accused of rape.

Ethan Kath, producer/performer, Crystal Castles

Ethan Kath
Image: Wikipedia, Creative commons

Former bandmate Alice Glass accused Kath of sexual assault. Kath denies the allegations.

Tyler Grasham, agent


Actor Tyler Cornell has accused Grasham of sexual assault and sodomy. Cornell has filed a police report. Agency ACA has fired Grasham.

Chris Savino, creator of The Loud House


Multiple women have accused Savino of sexual harassment. Savino has been fired from the Nickolodeon show.

Knight Landesman, publisher and art broker


At least 9 women have accused Landesman of sexual harassment, and have joined together in a lawsuit against the broker. Landesman resigned from Artforum following the allegations.

George H. W. Bush, former president


Several women have accused the former president of groping them while telling a joke (“David Cop-a-feel”). Bush didn’t deny the allegations; rather, in a statement issued through a spokesperson, he referred to the gropings as “good-natured”.

Jeremy Piven, actor


Actress Ariane Bellamar accused Piven of groping her on multiple occasions during the filming of Entourage. Piven has denied the allegations.

Andy Dick, actor and comedian


Dick, who is no stranger to sexual assault accusations, was fired from indie film Raising Buchanan after several people accused him of sexual harassment. Dick denies the harassment and assault allegations, but admits to “licking” people.

Hamilton Fish V, publisher

Multiple women at The New Republic have accused Fish of sexual harassment. He has taken a leave of absence from the publication.

Brett Ratner, director


At least 6 women have accused Ratner of a number of sexual offenses. Ratner denied the allegations through his attorney.

Dustin Hoffman, actor


Anna Graham has accused Hoffman of sexually harassing her when she was a 17-year old production assistant in 1985.

Michael Oreskes, editor at NPR


Oreskes resigned from NPR after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment.

As more and more people find the strength to come forward, we’re sure the list of men accused of sexual harassment will continue to grow.

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