UPDATED AGAIN: After Harvey Weinstein, the List of Hollywood and Media Men Accused of Sexual Harassment Continues to Grow

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The Harvey Weinstein scandal blew the lid off sexual harassment and abuse in entertainment and media. But the stories continue to come out. More and more people are coming forward everyday with their experiences of being harassed or abused by powerful men in industries dominated by powerful men. From CEO’s to producers to world-renowned actors, the list of men accused of sexual harassment or abuse gets longer and longer each day. Here are the names and allegations against some of the most prominent men who’ve been accused, updated on December 11.

Mario Batali, chef and restaurantuer

Batali announced on December 11 that he would be stepping down from his restaurant empire following allegations of sexual misconduct. The chef has been accused of inappropriate touching by at least 4 women, 3 of whom worked in his restaurants at some point. People in the food world were not surprised.

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