12 Snacks You Should Never Bring To Your Child’s Classroom

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We’ve been having quite the laugh about the mom who had a hissy fit over not being allowed to bring cookies that look like vaginas to her child’s second-grade classroom. Because we want to help all those busy moms out there, here is a list of a few other snacks that you should not bring to your kid’s classroom.

1. Edible panties.

snack post 15

(Photo: Ecouterre via Pinterest)

Kids think underpants are hilarious, and who doesn’t love licorice? I get it. But trust me when I say that the other kindergarten parents will not be as amused.

2. Nutella dipping cookies.

snack post 8

(Photo: via Pinterest)

The idea is genius. But no one wants to see children licking Nutella off of penis-shaped finger cookies.

3. A platter filled with halved papayas and halved butternut squash.

snack post 2

(Photo: Already Pretty via Pinterest)

This, laid out the on a platter, is bad enough.

snack post 7

(Photo: Elana’s Pantry via Pinterest)

But combined with this? Now you’ve got trouble.

4. Body paint.

snack post 14

(Photo: via Pinterest)

Hey kids! Come check out the fun! We get to paint each other with chocolate and then lick it off okay now I see why this is a problem.

5. Sweetbreads.

snack post 12

(Photo: via Pinterest)

Kids love fried foods, so why not introduce them to the salty, earthy taste of fried cow tongue, cheek, and balls? Their parents will be disgusted by your sense of adventure.

6. Fish tacos.

snack post 11

(Photo: Buzzfeed via Pinterest)

Do I really need to go into this one? I mean, enter into a conversation about it? I mean…explain it?

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