People Role-Playing With Stolen Baby Photos Will Make You Want To Unplug Your Computer And Live In A Cave

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baby-picture-concernedI owe an apology to all the paleo parents out there. When I first heard about the paleo parenting phenomenon yesterday, I giggled. But now I have heard that there are people out there on the Internet stealing baby photos from Facebook and Instagram to role-play babies and parents, and I am just about ready to throw my laptop in the bathtub and go live in a cave.

I definitely understand the impulse to blanket the Internet in photos of one’s baby. I genuinely want to litter Pinterest in pictures of my infant in cute outfits, preferably with arty Instagram filters over her. But now I am terrified to do so, because according to Jezebel, people on the Internet are stealing baby photos posted on the Internet and reusing them in “baby role-playing.”

The role-players will steal the pictures and then post them to their own Instagram accounts and claim the babies are their own. They sometimes enacting complicated adoption stories and playing out childcare by pretending to feed, diaper, swaddle, and discipline their fake babies, who are someone else’s real babies.

It can be really creepy for a parent to see his or her actual baby being shown around on someone else’s page. According to Fast Company, some accounts even pretend to be adoption agencies, and they let people role play with the “babies.”

“Hi Caitlin, do you like flowers?” someone might ask.

“I wuv fwowers. Tey pwetty,” the stolen “baby” might answer.

In addition to being way creepy, the phenomenon is also a little sad, because Fast Company reports that a lot of these role-players are teen and tween girls, who are apparently often come from difficult home situations and use the baby role-playing to act out a different family life.

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