Pickle Juice Slushes Are Coming to Sonic and I Am READY

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My plan for summer is coming together so nicely, you guys. I’ll be drinking rose cider. Sitting under a giant unicorn sprinkler. And consuming SEVERAL pickle juice slushes. It’s like brands came together to ask how they could improve my life, and every single one nailed it. Sonic Drive-In announced today that they will offer briny, delicious pickle juice slushes this summer. And suddenly I don’t feel so weird, because people are AMPED about this.

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The pickle juice slushes at Sonic will be part of their insanely large and complicated drink menu. I’ve been to Sonic a handful of times, and it overwhelms me. There are SO. MANY. CHOICES.

But Sonic just made my life easier! I won’t even have to look at the stupid menu board thing. “Hello, I will take one pickle juice slush, largest size it comes in, standing order of once a day, please.” My love for pickle juice runs deep, friends. I like actual pickles just fine. But when I was a kid, I was known to literally drain a full jar of pickles and put the juice in a separate container to drink at my leisure. I was a delightful child, obviously.

Sonic Drive-In is adding a potentially polarizing new drink to their menu.

Posted by People on Friday, March 16, 2018

What is polarizing about pickle juice?! If you don’t like it, I don’t like you.

Food & Wine‘s Maria Yagoda got to sample the slush from heaven (ugh, LUCKY), and she was pleasantly surprised! Says Yagoda, “We tasted the drink at Sonic’s headquarters in Oklahoma City, and it’s surprisingly delicious (and makes a good accompaniment to burgers and/or tots and/or corn dogs.) Sweet and tangy, the bright brine compensates for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about.” Yagoda says the only drawback is that it might be a tad too sweet. But that’s what your jar of purse pickles is for, to add more pickle juice! What? You don’t … am I the only one who has a small jar of purse pickles? Oh.

The pickle juice slushes will hit Sonic Drive-In’s nationwide in June. And just FYI: pickle juice is excellent for hangovers. And in Bloody Mary’s.

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