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12 Things You Feed Your Kids That Look Like Vaginas

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If you have a vagina, you should feel blessed and even flattered. If you have a dirty mind, like I do, or if you are a pre-pubescent boy, you will start to see vaginas everywhere. Vaginas in furniture, vaginas in paintings, vaginas in nature, and vaginas in food—oh my!

It wasn’t until I started to hunt for everyday objects that looked like vaginas that I began to appreciate my own lady parts. I always thought the vagina was pretty regular, belonging to an estimated 50% of the population. While I’m sure there are phallic symbols in the world, checking out vagina-like objects is much more fun. Now I’m a vagina owner and proud of it. To borrow a term from The League, I definitely have vaginal hubris.

If you’re also a fellow vagina owner or even a vagina-lover, you’re going to enjoy this list. Fair warning, you may never look at your favorite foods the same way again, depending on which side of the spectrum you fall on. Just as a warning… VAGINAS ARE EVERYWHERE. From now on, keep your eyes peeled for signs of the beautiful lady flower wherever you look.

I promise you that I’m not creepy. I’m just observant.

You can’t argue with the fact that you’re eventually going to give your child food that looks like the hole from whence he came:




2. This Pink Grapefruit Vagina.

grapefruit vagina

3.  This Sweet Potato Vagina.

sweet potato vagina

4.  This Dried Pear Vagina.

dried pear vagina

5. This Steak Vagina.

steak vagina

6. This Oyster Vagina, For The Non-Picky Eater.

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