Back To School: 8 Pinterest-Worthy Snacks You Can Shove In Your Kid’s Lunchbox

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Look, I hate Pinterest as much as everyone else claims to, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel like occasionally shoving some super-cute snack in my kid’s lunchbox. The problem is, I go to Pinterest, look around, see all of this stuff that I cannot pull off, and give up. Pinterest is supposed to be DIY heaven, but it can be hell for mediocre-craft-moms like myself.

Yes, when it comes to all things crafty I am a mediocre mom – I admit it. I know some of you must be like me, so I’ve taken the time to wade through Pinterest and find some stuff that looks doable – so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. Take a few seconds to prepare these snacks. You may even find yourself Instagramming them. (That’s a verb now, right?)

1. Butterfly Snack Bags


Plastic bag. Treats. Googly-eyes. Clothes pin. PIpe cleaners. Done.

2. Banana Man


More googly-eyes. Maybe this isn’t really Pinterest-worthy, but these googly eyes seem like a solution for a mom like me. You could slap these on anything.

3. Little Bear Muffins


Sarah Burke/ Pinterest

How cute is this? Do you want to pack a plain old muffin like the boring mom that you are, or do you want to shove some pretzels and chocolate chips on it and reach your full Pinterest-mom potential with these little bear muffins?

4. Graham Cracker Lions


Sara Burke/ Pinterest

Turn peanut butter graham crackers into little lions. Seriously – chocolate chips and pretzels are amazing.

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