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The Force Is With Me Because I’m A Proud Star Wars Mom

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VADERAs Eve Vawter has told me, I am into some weird shit. I’ve told y’all about prepping, Juggalos and my hate of all things crafty. But I have yet to share with you one of my favorite obsessions (one sure to embarrass the crap out of my kids when they’re teenagers). Star Wars.

Yes, I am a full on, movie loving, comic obsessed, rabid Star Wars fan. I’ve read pretty much all of the books (even the terrible ones) and I know a great deal of Star Wars trivia. You simply can’t love something this much and not have it rub off on your kids. My oldest daughter especially enjoys the franchise, and we’ve even been to comic-con a couple of times.

I think most people who aren’t huge fans like us don’t realize the scope of the Star Wars fanbase. Much like other sci-fi franchises (think Lord of the Rings or Star Trek), Star Wars has a HUGE following. But more than that, Star Wars fans see themselves as a culture. Now, I’m not one of the serious devotees that considers Jedism an actual religion or anything, but I do enjoy the camaraderie of it all.

Star Wars and other so-called geek fare isn’t typically something one would think of when thinking of being a mom, especially when you’re the mother of daughters. I’ve never gotten any strange questions when my son wears a Chewbacca t-shirt (or Doctor Who, superheroes, or really any geek-related thing), and I wish I could say the same for my daughters. When my oldest daughter was a little over a four years old, I took her to my favorite part of Central Park. She was wearing her favorite Star Wars t-shirt, one with Boba Fett being all badass, and feeling mighty fine. I was completely taken off guard when another parent at the park gave me a little wink and a nod and asked her if she enjoyed wearing her brother’s hand me downs. I brushed it off with a laugh and explained that no, the shirt was hers. The exchange baffled me though. Girls can like Star Wars and other sci fi things too, DUH.

Star Wars mom

Pictured; Not just a boys thing (Photo: greg11373)

Eventually I came to have a fun group of like-minded friends (some parents, some not) who enjoyed the same things I do, including Star Wars (and basically anything geeky). Like myself, a lot of women who get into sci fi and geek stuff are introverts, so finding people I could relate to wasn’t always easy. But it was worth it.

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