18 Baby Girl Names For The Ultimate Disney Fan

If you’re a Disney fan, then that love likely runs deep. Disney isn’t something you just sort of like. You’re all the way in, or all the way out. There are plenty of ways to show your Disney obsession, but one of the easiest (and most dedicated!) ways is through your baby’s name. There are SO MANY beautiful names to choose from, but these Disney-inspired baby girl names are especially lovely.

Disney-inspired baby girl names aren’t limited to just princesses, although there are plenty of those.



Arguably one of the most popular Disney princesses, Ariel is a Hebrew name. Another common spelling is Arielle, and the name is actually unisex! Naming your baby girl after the star of The Little Mermaid is setting her up for a life of adventure. In the film, Ariel is seen as headstrong, and spunky with a huge heart. So, if you’re ready to have a little girl constantly challenging you, this is a good choice. While she may have a strong will like her namesake, you will never have to worry about her being able to advocate for herself. Because her feisty nature will likely keep everyone on their toes.




Some people may have forgotten about Giselle, almost princess from the movie Enchanted. Starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden, the movie plays with a lot of the stereotypes of princess movies. Giselle, who comes from the magical world of Andalasia, finds herself going from animation to the harsh streets of New York City. But, there is still a magical prince, talking animals and an evil queen. Eventually, She learns that there is more to life than happily ever after. But, she still gets the guy in the end. And that guy just happens to be Patrick Dempsey. Swoon!




Probably the Disney princess with the most names. Known as both Aurora and Briar Rose (a cute and unconventional choice!), but also Sleeping Beauty. Princess Aurora has the best of both worlds. She gets to be a princess, but after a curse put on her by the evil (but oh so cool) Maleficent, she’s taken away to live in the woods. Aurora also gets the hunky Prince Phillip and sleeps without anyone asking her for snacks. And don’t forget she has three fairies and a dress that changes color. But really, we’re still jealous about the fact that she gets endless sleep.




Naming your baby girl Tiana is setting her up to be a trailblazer. Tiana of The Princess and the Frog fame, is a badass. Not only is she the first black Disney Princess, but she’s the first princess with a job. And she has goals in place to live her best life. Plus, she has a really cool 1920s flapper wardrobe. Even though she spends half the movie as a frog, she never loses sight of her goals. And then after defeating the bad guy, she gets her wish. Not only does she get her restaurant, but she gets a cute prince too.




This name has become increasingly popular in recent years. But it’s affiliation with Disney goes back a long time. The children’s story, The Wind in the Willows is the inspiration for The Adventures of Mr. Toad. That short film is the inspiration for the popular ”Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,” at the Disney Theme Parks. But it came back around another 40 plus years later. In the 90s movie Pocahontas, Grandmother Willow gives Pocahontas advice. Obviously, she’s a willow tree, and offers protection and comfort. Often, she is the voice of reason in the movie. So, using this name to a deep thinker or sweet soul is smart.




So, if you don’t know who Bianca is, you’re missing out. Miss Bianca, as she is also known, is a mouse. And she’s the star of not one, but two Disney movies. Making her debut in The Rescuers, she is a legend. Bianca is a secret agent for an international mouse organization. So, she takes on an investigation no one wants and saves the day. And she does it while wearing a really cute hat. Even when she’s fighting crime, Bianca is a lady. In addition to this, Bianca is also the star of The Rescuers Down Under, which is the first Disney sequel ever!




Perfect isn’t easy. That’s Georgette’s motto. And just who is Georgette? Well, she’s the sassy, albeit stuck up poodle from Oliver and Company. With a voice by Bette Midler, you know she’s pretty sassy, but incredibly classy. Okay, she does have a bit of a mean streak. But that’s kind of what makes her so much fun. Georgette is a French name, and if you’re looking for a little Parisian influence, here you go. It’s also not common, but that’s kind of what makes it better. Having a Georgette means having a sassy girl with a taste for the finer things. But she will have a big heart!




Looking for something a little different? Faline, who is the love interest in Bambi, may be a good fit. First, it’s Latin for ”cat-like,” which makes sense. In Bambi, she’s a deer, but it still works. And there is something about the name that sounds soft. But not fragile. Have you ever seen a deer? They’re not particularly weak creatures. A name like Faline carries a certain amount of poise and grace. It almost sounds like the kind of name a ballet dancer would have. Names that are particularly feminine and unique are hard to find ”” this one does both.



After this summer, the name Violet is likely to spike. Why? Because let’s face it, Violet Parr is the quiet hero of The Incredibles 2. She is a girl who just wants her family to be together. And she also wants her parents to realize that she’s not a little girl anymore. Violet is strong and sensitive ”” she loves her little brothers, even though they’re annoying. And she cares so much about doing the right thing. Girls with the name Violet carry a quiet kind of strength. Violets are not fragile, but they have big hearts. Remember, this Violet makes force fields.




For parents of little girls, the name Elsa may bring fear. Because Elsa is arguably one of the most popular recent princess type characters. Technically, she’s a queen. Elsa is a quite regal sounding name, and with great power and all that. Her Frozen anthem, ”Let It Go,” is a symbol for coming into one’s confidence with pride. Disney’s Elsa is fiercely independent, but also incredibly caring. Obviously, she loves her little sister, and wants to be the best queen she can be. And with Frozen 2 coming out this year, the name is going to surge in popularity again, so might as well ride the wave!




While the Winnie in Disney history is a boy, Winnie is such a cute girl name. And honestly, Winnie the Pooh is not only an icon, but an inspiration. Who else can make not wearing pants cool? And doing it while wearing a crop top? Even cooler. Winnie the Pooh is an unapologetic lover of honey, and a fierce friend. He loves Piglet so much, deals with Tigger’s antics and takes Rabbit’s insufferable nature. Plus, he is always there for Christopher Robin. (Sidenote, in The Jungle Book, there is a mama elephant who is Winifred, which can be a long version of Winnie!)




Just like Aurora before her, Flora is from Sleeping Beauty. And younger generations know her as one of the teachers from Sofia, the First. Flora, which is Latin for ”flowering,” is also a synonym for plant life. Within the Disney universe, Flora wears all red, and has an obsession with the color pink. Basically, she is the girliest of the three fairies. Flora is a name that sounds inherently feminine. So, if you’re looking for a name that is ultra girlie, this is a good one to add to the list. Plus, it’s a little old-timey, which is also a popular trend.




If you remember anything about Ratatouille, you probably remember the rat. A rat who can cook is still a weird concept. But, it did deliver us a pretty badass supporting character. Collette is the only female chef at Gusteau’s. She is able to not only hold her own with the men, but she also rides a sweet motorbike. And she’s the first one to eventually warm to Linguini and Remy. Colette, despite a very girlie name, takes no crap from anyone. Her character alone shows the versatility of the name. Just because it’s girlie doesn’t mean she can’t be a total boss babe. And that’s a solid message to be sending.




Sadly, we don’t know enough about Ellie from Up. What we do know is that she was spunky and full of heart. And she was so in love with her husband Karl. And that love was enough to make him go on a crazy adventure to fulfill a promise to her. When we see movie Ellie, she starts as a scrappy little girl. And there’s no doubt that Ellie’s are quite scrappy. (Look at actress Ellie Kemper, who’s made a career of scrappy.) Naming your baby girl after Ellie from Up is setting her up for a grand adventure of her own.




For some, Coco sounds like it should be a nickname. But there are women with the name Coco. In this instance, Coco is the great-grandmother in the movie Coco. Anyone who can watch that movie with crying has no soul. Coco, who barely speaks in the film, is still such a warm presence. Without giving too much away, a huge part of the movie is her story. And Coco is a cute and short name. Plus, you can’t really spell it wrong, which is a bonus. Coco, and its main character, are full of heart. So, choosing it for a name will keep it close to yours.




Sometimes you have to dig deep into a franchise to find a solid name. The Lion King series of movies have some good ones. But if you’re put off by the idea of naming your daughter Nala, there are other options. Kiara is the name of Simba and Nala’s daughter. She is the main character of The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. Kiara is headstrong like her father; she wants to live her life on her own terms. Which is a great precedent to set for our girls ”” take no crap from anyone. While the name Kiara may mean ”dark,” girls with this name are anything but!




So, technically there is no Disney character named Pixie. But let’s be honest, you can’t name your kid Tinkerbell. Your teacup Yorkie, yes. However, Pixie comes from Tinkerbell’s trusty pixie dust. In Peter Pan, pixie dust is what gives the Darling kids the ability to fly. Everything about the name Pixie makes you think of magic. ”Faith, trust, and pixie dust” is built into the very fiber of Disney, and it is the ultimate honor. Pixie has grown in popularity over time. But it’s still slightly obscure enough, with the right amount of whimsy. Perfect for a little fairy of your very own!





Some names, much like the Disney movies that provide the inspiration for them, are underrated. The Aristocats, which came out in the 1950s, does not get the recognition it deserves. First of all, it’s about cats. Cats who live in the lap of luxury. And because of it we got the song, ”Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat.” Though the film is about Duchess, O’Malley and the kittens, their owner Adelaide is just as important. She is a former opera singer, has a house with an elevator and lives her best single old lady life. Though Adelaide may sound a little like someone’s grandma, that’s very cool now.

So are you a pregnant Disneyphile looking for Disney-inspired baby girl names? Which one on our list is your favorite?

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