Resolution Week: 10 Words I’m Still Going To Use In 2015 Because I’m An Adult And I Do What I Want

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The internet is always telling us what we can and cannot do, isn’t it? I’m an expert at avoiding advice — especially when it comes from random people on the internet. In an interesting twist, I get paid to write words, and sometimes those words are in the form of advice. The universe is a funny place.

I hate it when bossy people literally make lists of things we should and shouldn’t say. What? I just can’t with those people. I’ve made a list of seriously amazing words you should totally never let any garbage human guilt your feminist self out of using. Haha.

1. Amazing



In an online writers group I used to be a part of, one of the members once posted,”Can we stop using “amazing” to describe everything?” No. No we can’t. Because “amazing” is a fucking amazing adjective second only to fantastic. Who has a problem with such a positive word? Assholes, that’s who. Amazing ones.

2. Garbage



“Garbage” is the best word to describe gross, annoying people or things. What is stinkier than garbage? What is more annoying than garbage? What other entity’s rightful place is on the curb? “Garbage” has turned from an uninteresting noun to a very useful adjective. Also, “garbage human” is my favorite insult. Not gonna stop.

3. Feminist



No, I’m not going to stop using this word. If anything, it’s going to be my personal mission to get more women to identify with it in 2015. FEMINISTFEMINISTFEMINISTFEMINIST.

4. Totally



You can take the girl out of the valley but… “Totally” is my affirmative response to pretty much everything. “Can you cover this story, Maria?” TOTALLY. “Would you like a drink, Maria?” TOTALLY. “Are your kids driving you nuts, Maria?” TOTALLY. It completely fits almost every situation.

5. Haha



“Haha” is superior to “LOL” in my book, and it always will be.

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