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Open Thread: OMG, Did You See ‘The Bachelor’ Last Night?

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TheBachelorChrisSoulesThe 8,102,354,679th season of The Bachelor premiered last night, with farmer Chris Soules on the hunt for The One in a batch of 30 new tearful, bug-eyed hopefuls. As usual the women tromped in lugging props from Toys R Us and 20-pound jeweled gowns on their backs, desperately declaring their desire to drop their entire lives for the chance of moving to Iowa with a man in an ill-fitting suit who was little more to say than “Wow.” I’m sure the experience of being trapped in a Spanish-style house with 30 living white wine bottles is overwhelming, but this guy has the personality of an Ikea coffee table. In other words: last night’s three-hour episode was amazing!

Did you watch? I am in a Bachelor fantasy league where the first prize pot is a whopping $500. I’ve gotta send in my final top 5 picks this week – tell me yours, and let’s swap our favorite moments from last night. If enough Mommyish readers are watching we can turn this convo into a weekly thing. What I’m asking you is: Will you accept this post?

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