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This Woman’s Ultrasound Looks Just Like a Famous Anime Character, and the Nerds are Loving It

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Today is a good day for the nerds of the world, because a Japanese lady appears to be pregnant with a famous anime character, and the otaku of the world are loving it. According to Rocket News 24, a Japanese Twitter user going by @oxo7188 is a gamer, cosplayer, and all-around anime fan, and she appears to be about four months pregnant with the otaku messiah, because she just posted a photo of her 20-week ultrasound, and her fetus looks exactly like Frieza, the famous villain from the long-running anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Ultrasounds are tricky things. They’re supposed to look like babies, but pretty often when a parent-to-be looks at an ultrasound, they see dinosaurs, cats, demons, and ghosts. (Pat Robertson once told women that if they post their baby photos to Facebook, witches will curse their babies.) This mother is a big geek, so it’s only natural that she’d see an anime face in her ultrasound, but this time when she posted it to Twitter, everyone else saw it too.

“Yep!” said the Internet. “That baby definitely looks just like Frieza.”

“We still don’t know the gender, but since the face in the ultrasound looks like Frieza, we’re calling the baby Fri-chan until we decide on an actual name,” the mother-to-be wrote.

Fri-chan is a pretty cute name! I think they should go with it. Of course, the baby might grow up to lightning-bolt its parents for saddling it with the name of an anime villain.

Frieza is a planet-destroying supervillain in Dragon Ball Z, so this does not exactly bode well for the toddler years.

My kid screams when she’s angry. Little Fri-chan might just blow up the Earth.

Baby Frieza will surely be a force to be reckoned with, and at least they have baby’s first cosplay all worked out. (I hope they really do that, because a baby dressed as Frieza would be adorable.)