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BBC Dad and His Kids Are Getting a TV Show, and It Looks Fantastic

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Professor Robert E. Kelly, Ph.D., is a political scientist and expert on South Korea, but he will henceforth be known as BBC Dad, because of the moment last month where he was live on the BBC News the morning after the ouster of South Korea’s president after a long corruption scandal, and just as he was commenting on the likely future of democracy in the area, he was suddenly video-bombed by his bouncing toddler daughter and 8-month-old son. It was hilarious, especially when their mother burst Kramer-like into the room and tried to hustle them back into the hallway while their dad tried to keep a straight face and the entire BBC-watching world cracked up.

Now that moment will live on, because there’s going to be a new animated TV series based on little Marion and Jack Kelly, and their penchant for strutting boldly into important situations.

I think this is great news, because I could watch this GIF of the kids marching for hours. (And I have done so. This post took me 14 hours to write, because I am mesmerized by the yellow shirt and the strut.)

According to Romper, Lauren Martin and Jarryd Mandy of Hans House Productions were as charmed by Marion and Jack Kelly as the rest of the world, and they decided to put together an animated show called The Adventures of Mina and Jack. Mina is a little girl with pink glasses and a bright yellow jacket. She likes to follow her dad and help him with his job at the UN, and her little brother Jack follows her everywhere in his walker.

The first episode is on YouTube now, and it’s totally kid-friendly. It shows Mina and Jack following their dad to North Africa to catch a gold thief. As Mina and Jack search for clues while standing together under a trench coat (Mina stands on top, so the bottom of the “trench coat man” is Jack’s little wheels) their mother runs after them, sliding into rooms and through the streets in her socks trying to catch them.

The parents of the real Marion and Jack say they’ve seen the show and think it’s adorable.

“I thought it was so cute. My wife and I both laughed. They made me look suitably dorky,” Kelly said.


More episodes of Mina and Jack will be coming in the next couple months. Our kids will probably think it’s as cute as we do.