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This Might be the Funniest Mother’s Day Meme Ever

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On Mother’s Day weekend, social media was overloaded with people proclaiming their love for their moms. David DeWeil, a professor at the University of South Carolina, put out a tongue-in-cheek tweet making fun of the sudden show of love for moms, and the responses were the stuff of Mother’s Day meme dreams.

name three albums

Image: Twitter / @daviddeweil

“Oh you love your mom? Name three of her albums” he wrote. Very clever! But there’s no way he could have anticipated the responses, which are so hilarious and relatable that I was almost screaming at some of them.

don't touch my thermostat

Image: Twitter / @IronButterfly10

Number 1 is my jam!

wait until your father gets home

Image: Twitter / @Not_Sugary

There are so many covers of “Wait Until Your Father Gets Home,” it’s hard to pick my favorite version.

do you know Jesus

Image: Twitter / @mwdominicana

I could spend hours reading these memes (and I did)…

Imma count to 3

Image: Twitter / @Noel_From_Boise

I play this one on repeat in my house.

why did I even bring you to the store

Image: Twitter / @GeauxEllessyoo

Bonus track: I Shoulda Left You in the Car

I won't talk

Image: Twitter / @lekimble

So accurate.


Image: Twitter / @blackismy

“Untitled (The Look)” was number 1 for 12 years in my house.

This meme got me thinking…what albums would my own kids name for me?

1. Put on Your F***ing Shoes Already (explicit)
2. How Many Times do I Have to Say No? (1-2-3 remix)
3. Do You Need to Pee Before We Go (Just Try)

What are your mom albums?

(Image: iStock / SergeKa)