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10 Hilarious Pregnancy Cravings That Will Leave Your Scratching Your Head and Making a Shopping List

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I didn’t have too many strange pregnancy cravings. With my first, I was obsessed with Cap’n Crunch cereal, and ate it so much that I cannot stand the sight of it now. Related: the roof of my mouth was a fucking MESS that entire pregnancy. Why they gotta make it so good and so painful to eat?! With my second, I ate Cholula on everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I must have gone through a bottle a week. Also, there was a couple of months during that pregnancy when all I ate was little tacos made from corn tortillas, cotija cheese, cilantro, and avocado. I then doused these in Cholula and lemon juice. Honest to god, I ate that 4 times a day for two months. Rleated: I also went through a Costco-sized bottle of Tums a week. Pregnancy cravings are so bizarre! But some of these are downright hilarious.

No matter what the preggo wants, you do not stand between a woman and her pregnancy cravings. I would honestly eat some of these now though. This one looks amazing.

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Potato chip s’mores! These have it all: the salty, the sweet, the crunch, the char. 15/10, would eat today. Kind of want to eat one of these right now.


OK, the ice I get. But the avocado with cocoa powder is DEFINITELY a weird pregnancy craving. This is the like the pregnant woman version of the terrible avocado “chocolate pudding” parents try to feed their kids.

Pregnancy cravings are all about hitting that balance. This one works!

Potato chips with chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Kind of brilliant, no? Plus the chips can serve as a scoop, so you don’t even need a spoon!

This one is right up my alley, and I probably ate this exact thing when I was pregnant. Or yesterday, who’s keeping track.


I put salt on all my fruit still! I have since I was a kid. But this combo of sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy is making my mouth water. I need some Cuties.

Weird pregnancy cravings lol raisin bread with sour cream fajita seasoning salt regular seasoning salt and over easy eggs together yum

Posted by Jennifer Lynn Swain Rendon on Saturday, March 25, 2017

I do not understand this one, but far be it from me to judge a pregnant woman. Raisin bread with sour cream, fajita seasoning, and eggs. Why have more than one meal when you can make your perfect meal?

Take one good thing, take another good thing, put them together, and make the best, weirdest thing!

Had any weird pregnancy cravings? Nah.. unless you think jalapeno cheetos dipped in peach milkshake is weird.

Posted by Laken Hughes on Friday, October 14, 2016

Not weird! When you’re growing an actual human child in your body, nothing is weird. Everything is fine. I’m sure this was delicious.

I just remembered another one of mine! Canned Beefaroni. I fucking LOVED canned Beefaroni. My husband thought it would be nice to make me some from scratch, and I cried for two hours because it wasn’t what I wanted. It was delicious! But only canned Beefaroni would do.

Yes to this one, with a Tums chaser.

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Just lemons and salt. So good, so much heartburn, SO WORTH IT. Hitting that craving is like scratching an itch: it feels so good at the time.

Cheese is always a winner, and cheese sandwiches are perfect. But skip the bread, and make the actual sandwich out of cheese. Pregnant women are weird and brilliant.

Again, when you want two things, you just make it into one meal. Pregnant women are tired! This is how they conserve energy.

Yep so this happened ?.Weird #pregnancycraving … baked beans & scrambled eggs ?.It was so good and hit the spot. Even Harper was digging it ✌#noshame.What kind of weird pregnancy cravings did you get?

Posted by Courtney Reyes on Thursday, March 2, 2017

This one makes a weird kind of sense! It’s like a condensed English breakfast, with the eggs and the beans.

What were some of your weirdest and funniest pregnancy cravings? And more importantly, would you still eat them after pregnancy? Confession: I would 100% eat 8/10 of these.

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