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12 Gifts From Oprah’s Favorite Things List That Remind Us That She’s Oprah And We’re Not

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Somehow Oprah Winfrey has found more Favorite Things for this year, because she is a woman with money and minions to Google for her. I love love love looking at her list every year, because ultimately it is bizarre and excessive, yet full of things I inevitably covet. This list always reveals just how unlike us O truly is, because so many of the items are absurdly priced. Still it doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to oogle at. Behold, the most ridiculous items on her totally ridiculous list. Please send us all of these things.

1. Gold Beat By Dre Headphones. $700.


Because nothing says “Look at me, I’m a rich asshole and I can’t hear anything you’re saying because I’m listening to this.sick.beat!” like a pair of gold headphones.

2. Her own book. $20.


What I know for sure is that there’s nothing more self-absorbed than putting your own book on your Favorite Things list.

3. Some body scrub gift set made with pink Fijian ginger, whatever the f**ck that is. $265.

oprah-favorite-things-scrubOr maybe just buy some ground ginger for $4 at the grocery store, toss it in your tub, and call it a day?

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