Madam Tussand’s Unveiled a New Beyonce Wax Figure and No One Knows Who It Is

Everyone knows who Beyonce is and what she looks like, right? Even with her ever-changing hair and fashion choices, she is freaking BEY-ON-CÉ. One of those iconic artists who is instantly recognizable, in any situation. So when Madam Tussand’s recently unveiled their new Beyonce wax figure, people were left scratching their heads and wondering who the eff this wax person was supposed to be. Because we’re sorry, that sure as hell isn’t Queen Bey.

So, my first thought was: why is Drew Barrymore dressed like a pop star? Then my mind went to a Shakira/Britney hybrid. I see a little Lindsay Lohan. But unless someone told me it was Beyonce, there is no way in hell I would have guessed.

Did Madam Tussand forget Beyonce is a black woman???

Twitter was not here for the Faux-yonce wax figure, not even a little bit. Madam Tussand’s was probably like, omg people are going to LOVE this one! And then people were like, she’s very pretty, what is her name?

Listen, we don’t sculpt people out of wax, and we’re sure it’s incredibly difficult to do so. Even the best wax figures always look a little … off. But for the most part, the wax figures we’ve seen, even if their faces are a little wonky, are at least the same race as their human counterpart.

The worst part is, this isn’t the first time they’ve botched a Beyonce wax figure!

For this being the THIRD time Madam Tussand’s has attempted to create Beyonce out of wax, you’d think they’d have perfected the method. Well, you would be so wrong.

Bottom right, we can kiiiiiiind of see where they were going with that. But what the hell is top right? Who is that? Beyonce in the witness protection program? As a flight attendant? We have so many questions.

Our theory is that Bey is just too fierce to put in wax, and capturing her beauty and glow is obviously impossible. That has to be it, right? We hope they try again (let’s be honest, it’s really funny), but maybe this time, they can start with a wax that’s closer to her skin color? Just a suggestion.

(Image: Twitter/@buzzfeed)

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