What You May (Not) Have Missed: The Oscars, Madonna’s Fallen And She Can’t Get Up, And Lady Gaga Has A New Role


Welcome to our new column of pop culture briefings for busy moms! We know how hard it is to keep up with entertainment news with everything else you have going on so we will try to do it for you. We will boil down the best pop culture tidbits each week so you have something to say when the subjects come up and it can be digested in about two minutes (which is probably all you have to devote to such matters.) We are here to serve, and keep you hip and informed. Without any further adieu, here are the biggest pop culture happenings from the last week:

Lady Gaga Joins The Cast Of American Horror Story

I am a huge fan of this show and also, Lady Gaga. She is joining the cast for it’s fifth season and in her Tweet announcing the role, she also hints at the title by using the hash-tag #GagaAHSHotel. If this is about a haunted hotel, I am ALL in. The season begins in October and I can hardly wait!

Madonna Takes A Tumble

I must warn you-this video is positively addictive. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it. Madonna fell down a small flight of stairs during a performance at last night’s Brit awards and blamed it on her cape being tied too tightly. I am a dedicated Madonna fan as much as the next woman in her 30’s and I hate to see her humiliated, but there is something about this video. You won’t be able to stop watching, take my word for it. Luckily, she was not injured and now, the video is just there for our amusement.

Naya Rivera Of Glee Is Pregnant

In pregnant celeb news, we have Naya Rivera of Glee fame announcing her pregnancy with husband Ryan Dorsey. She announced it on Instagram using an image of an actual bun in the oven and also, included a link to her website so fans can see another announcement with pictures of herself and Dorsey as kids. Congrats, Naya and Ryan!

Parks And Recreation Had Their Series Finale

I am so sad this fantastic show is over. I have a bunch of episodes to catch up on and I don’t want to spoil the ending if some of you haven’t seen it, but let’s just say that it’s very fitting for the show and it’s characters. Goodbye, Leslie Knope! You will be missed.

Dancing With The Stars Cast Announced For It’s 20th Season

Do people still watch this show? 20 seasons. Wow. Anyway, it looks like it’s as lame and rigged as ever with an actual Olympic gymnast-Nastia Liukin-as part of the celebrity cast. What layperson could beat an Olympic gymnast? Anyway, other notables are Rumer Willis, Willow Shields (Prim from The Hunger Games) and Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL player.

Emma Watson Shoots Down Prince Harry Dating Rumors

Earlier this week, it was rumored that Emma Watson was dating Prince Harry and I was basically the most excited girl in the world. I love both of them and who deserves to be a real, live princess more than her? Sadly, she shot the rumors down with a sweet Tweet reminding the world that the media is not always to be believed. Sigh. Maybe next time, Emma.

The Oscars Happened

Here are the take-aways from this year’s Academy Awards:

Dakota Johnson was kinda bitchy to her mom, Melanie Griffith on the red carpet. Melanie copped to having no desire to see her daughter simulating BDSM sex acts in the 50 Shades movie and Dakota rolled her eyes and became visibly irritated. Yikes. Very uncomfortable for all involved.

Neil Patrick Harris did an iffy job hosting.

Patricia Arquette won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and used her speech to talk about equal pay for women. That part was great, but then she went on a rant back-stage that was not as well-received.

That’s it for this week! Join me again next Thursday for another entertainment round-up for busy moms!

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