Patricia Arquette Wins Best Supporting Actress And Gives The Most Bad Ass Acceptance Speech, Ever

87th Annual Academy Awards - People Magazine ArrivalsPatricia Arquette has won best supporting actress for her role in Richard Linklater’s groundbreaking film, Boyhood. Linklater assembled a group of actors for a couple of weeks each year over a 12-year-span, to produce a coming-of-age film like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We loved her in the movie, we loved her when we interviewed her a few weeks shy of the movie’s premiere — and we love her even more after the finale to her bad-ass acceptance speech:

“To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights — it’s our time to have wage equality once and for all AND EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

She practically brought Meryl Streep to her feet – the Oscar dame was cheering like she was in her hometown football stadium after hearing Arquette’s inspiring words. It was awesome.

Arquette’s fellow nominees were Emma Stone for her role in Birdman, Meryl Streep for her role in Into The Woods, Laura Dern for her role in Wild, and Keira Knightly for her role in The Imitation Game.

Mommyish had a chance to talk to Patricia Arquette over the summer, a few weeks before the now widely lauded film Boyhood was released. Saying we were deeply invested in the characters would be an understatement. Arquette’s portrayal of a single mother struggling to do right by her children while negotiating her own life was raw and honest. Watching a cast of characters change and age before your very eyes was nothing short of breathtaking. In an age where all manner of elements can be “faked” with digital filmmaking, the idea of gathering the same cast of characters over a decade to authenticate the coming-of-age experience is pretty incredible.

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Congratulations to Arquette. Thanks for slaying us with your heartbreaking and honest portrayal of motherhood. And thank you for fearlessly standing up for women when you had the eyes and ears of the world on that Oscar stage. You’re an inspiration.

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