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New Mom’s Post About Stroller Envy Is Completely Relatable

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(Facebook/Gylisa Jayne)

When you get pregnant, you start to imagine all the wonderful things you’ll be buying for your little one. A crib or bassinet, for one. Adorable onesies and hats, for another. There’s also baby bottles, blankets, burp cloths, and tons and tons of toys. These items will certainly cost you. And some, like, say, strollers, can cost quite a bundle. So while some moms are able to afford the next thousand dollar Bugaboo stroller, others of us simply can’t and wouldn’t. That’s what prompted one mom to call out stroller envy on social media, and I totally agree with everything she said.

Gylisa Jayne, a UK-based mother of one, thinks that “pram envy” (or what we’d refer to as stroller envy here in the States) is the worst. She recounted her own personal story of pram envy on her Facebook page. When she was pregnant with her daughter several years ago, she says she couldn’t care less about what type of stroller she bought.

But after her daughter was born, she and her partner Ryan began to take notice of all the nice and fancy strollers that other parents seemed to have. They immediately felt the urge to also buy an upscale stroller.

Warning: Pram Envy!

Then, they went to a shop to check out the different prams available and practically fainted at the prices. Thousands of dollars for something their kids would only sit in a couple hours a day max, and for only a few short years? Pretty absurd to those of us without extensive disposable income.

Jayne decided to take her opinion to Facebook, where she was able to break it down for the masses:

The budget-conscious mom went a different route than any of the high-end strollers, purchasing one second-hand for her daughter, and then upgrading to an affordable pram on sale at Aldi afterward.

“In the end, I realized that it didn’t matter what type of pram I had for my baby — who now as a toddler — doesn’t care how much I spent on the pram we have, cos she doesn’t want to sit in it,” Jayne told Mashable.

So now you know. Pram envy, stroller envy…it’s all silly. In the end, the minute your kiddo can walk, they’ll more than likely prefer it over being pushed around on a three-wheeled device that cost you three paychecks.