Woman Pulls Gun During Fight Over School Supplies at Walmart

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Back-to-school shopping is stressful enough when you’re just trying to get your kids to pick notebooks. Now a back-to-school shopping trip for multiple families went batshit insane when a woman actually pulled out a gun in a dispute over a notebook.

According to Slate, last Monday, several families were at a Walmart near Detroit, Michigan, shopping for back-to-school supplies. Many kids were present.

Only one notebook remained on the shelf, and two women reached for it at once. Rather than figuring out a normal way to deal with it, or even asking a Walmart employee if there were more notebooks in the back, they started a fight. It started as a shouting fight, and then it was a brawl.

Grown women were screaming and hair-pulling in the middle of Walmart over a notebook. Then things got worse. Suddenly an older woman–the mother of one of the brawlers–pulled a gun out of her bag and pointed it at them. She yelled at them to stop attacking her daughter, who was one of the women brawling over a stupid notebook.

People were horrified. There were multiple children right around her when she started waving a loaded gun around. A little girl standing in the background has her mouth in an “O” of surprise, because a woman just a few feet away from her is waving a gun. Another small child sits in a shopping cart just a few feet away.

“It was a senseless act of violence all the way around,” a police representative said.

The woman brandishing a loaded gun in a room full of small kids had a valid concealed carry permit. Now police are reportedly trying to figure out if this counts as self defense or not.

Somehow, after all that, the woman with the gun and her daughter got the notebook.

“I don’t know how they ended up with it, but in the middle of the confrontation, they ended up with it and they purchased it,” said detective Scott Baetens.

I can’t believe they got the notebook after all that. Somehow she got to walk out of the store and go through the check-out as though she hadn’t just pointed a loaded gun at a woman in the school supplies aisle.

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