Hero Security Guard Foils Human Trafficking Plot After Seeing a Woman Feeding Cold Milk to a Baby

Move over, Sherlock Holmes. A train security officer in Henan, China, is being hailed as a hero this week after foiling a human trafficking plot with his amazing powers of perception.

According to Shanghaiist, transport security officer Liu Ruiguo is only about a month away from retirement, and he may have just solved the case of his career.

He saw a woman with no supplies feeding a newborn a bottle of cold milk.

Thursday night Liu spotted a woman traveling alone with a new baby on a multi-day train trip. She had a newborn, but hardly any luggage or bags. That struck Liu as odd. Most people traveling with babies carry tons of stuff like toys, diapers, bottles, etc.

Later, he noticed her feeding the baby a bottle of cold milk. That also seemed off to him. Most people warm up milk before feeding it to a newborn.

At that point, he decided the multiple oddnesses added up to something he should investigate.

The woman told Liu that she was from Sichuan and traveling to meet her husband. She identified herself as the baby’s mother, and said it was her fifth child. She must have known Liu didn’t believe her though, because she went to the bathroom and started making a call.

Liu interrupted the call and spoke to the person on the other end. The man on the phone said he was the woman’s husband, but they hadn’t gotten their stories straight beforehand. The man told Liu they had three children, not five, and he said they were from a completely different province.

The woman confessed to police that she’d bought the baby and planned to sell her.

At that point, the jig was basically up. When the police arrived, the woman finally confessed that it wasn’t her baby. She told authorities she bought the baby for about $2,400 and had been taking her to another province to sell for $4,500.

The woman was arrested, and the baby is reportedly being cared for at a child welfare agency while police investigate. It’s not yet clear who the woman bought the baby from or who was planning on buying the baby, or who the baby’s parents are. It’s also not clear if this is the first time the woman has done something like this. One hopes it will end well for the baby, but the investigation is ongoing.

Shanghaiist reports that this is Liu’s last month before retirement. He can feel pretty good about leaving as a hero.

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