This Jaws-Themed Crib Is More Than Worth Your Kid’s Future Shark Phobia

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The world is full of cutesy, frilly baby supplies and beds, but there are fewer options for baby beds that are awesome. Luckily, one heroic uncle came through to rectify the situation and made this adorable little baby a totally fierce Jaws-theme shark crib that makes it look like the baby is being eaten by a shark in the most adorable way possible.

According to The Huffington Post, the bed was made by genius, hero, and honorary uncle Joseph Reginella, who is a sculptor for a custom sculpture company called Themendous and also has a toy line called Toxic Teddies. When he heard his friend was expecting a baby, Reginella decided to crank the nursery decor up to 11 and came up with this:


The idea started when someone ordered an airplane bed for a baby, and Reginella thought it would be way cooler if someone ordered something less mainstream or cute. Forget the airplane! How about a shark? Reginella and the baby’s father, Mark Melaccio, both love Jaws and have excellent senses of humor, and now little baby Melaccio has the coolest bed of any baby in the world.

Reginella’s photos have been taking the Internet by storm, and while a few people seem to think the bed is traumatizing the baby, most people think this is just adorable and wonderful and Kewl with a capital K. A lot of people are going to want to buy shark beds now. Reginella said it took him about a week to make, so now I am feeling bad about having not finished the baby sweater I started knitting a year ago.

The crib is a novelty bed that the baby’s dad says is not used instead of a regular crib, but the little guy does seem to like it in there. He’s all snuggly and sleepy, and the fact that he’s being tilted into a shark’s mouth has not occurred to him. He’s only two months old now, but babies grow pretty fast. In no time at all, they’re going to need a bigger bed.

Photo: Facebook/Mark Melaccio