Woman Accidentally Shoots Herself Inside Daycare, Which Probably Means It’s Not A Safe Place For Kids

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gun-free-zoneA woman accidentally shot herself inside a home daycare in Indiana last night. It’s a 24-hour-daycare so it’s quite possible there could have been kids inside, although that has not been confirmed. So I learned two things already today:  24-hour daycares exist and it’s A-ok to keep a gun in a home daycare in the state of Indiana as long as it’s locked. Which it clearly wasn’t in this scenario. There seems to be a question about whether the daycare will be losing its license or not. Seriously?

It’s the first headline I read this morning: Evansville daycare could lose license after accidental shooting. Could? What do you mean, could? Is this even a question? And by the way, I think it’s pretty reasonable to assume that a daycare would not be allowed to store guns. But no, I’m wrong. As usual, I’m sure there are actually people defending the necessity to have firearms in a home daycare. Because there is no such thing as human error and we should totally trust all gun owners to be responsible, right? IT’S OUR RIGHT AS AMERICANS TO BE FULLY ARMED AT ALL TIMES. THAT INCLUDES THE PERSON CARING FOR YOUR CHILD.

Antoinetta Carter, the daughter of the woman who owns Mrs. Wanda’s Lil’ Angels daycare, walked into a hospital at 2am with a gunshot wound to the hand. She said she accidentally shot herself while inside the daycare. I’m not really a gun person, so can someone explain to me how you can “accidentally” shoot yourself? What in the actual hell?

The daycare has never had any major complaints and was last inspected on June 24. I’m pretty sure Mrs. Wanda’s gun-toting daughter has changed all that. It’s possible that she walked into the daycare with the gun and that she doesn’t actually live there – but the fact that she was there at 2am sort of lends itself to the theory that it’s her home. Whether it’s her residence or not, I don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable leaving my child in a place where there’s even the tiniest possibility that someone may accidentally shoot herself.

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