Child Abuse

It Keeps Getting Worse: Court Documents Reveal Mama June’s 3-Year-Old Was Present During Anna’s Molestation

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If your 8-year-old child told you she was being molested by your boyfriend and there were court documents drawn up detailing what had happened, I’m assuming you would need to look those over as the parental guardian of the child in question, right? Is there any possible scenario in which “Mama June” Shannon has not seen the documents released this week, detailing the molestation of her daughter, Anna? I want to set my computer on fire after reading them – they are so unbelievably awful. If you thought this whole situation could not get any worse – the documents reveal Mama June’s three-year-old daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon was in bed on some of the occasions when the molestation of her older sister by Mark McDaniel took place.

The documents detail the several occasions that McDaniel molested Anna. The details are too horrific to print, honestly, but Radar Online has a link in case any of you have a fleeting thought about forgiving the woman who was faced with these details and chose not to believe her daughter. 10 years also just doesn’t seem to be enough of a punishment for this monster McDaniel. Shannon put all of her kids in danger by allowing them to be around this monster — and any contact with this piece of human garbage after his prison release is totally inexcusable.

I can’t feel sorry for Mama June. I won’t. I feel terrible for the girls who have to have this horrible story as part of their personal history. I hope among hope that they are getting all of the help and support that they need. I only hope the very public nature of the way this all is unfolding will help these girls in the long run as the attention should make it impossible for their mother to put them in any more danger. And as far as McDaniel, hopefully enough people have seen his face, so his miserable existence will be ruined.

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