Kate Gosselin Has a ‘Best Mom in the World’ Award and People Are Confused

Ever since Kate Gosselin and her eight kids first appeared on television, people have been criticizing her parenting. She has always come off as stressed, angry, and strict. Granted, some of those qualities are inevitable when you have eight kids running around, but sometimes she goes too far.

So when Kate Gosselin posted a picture of an award for “Best Mom in the World” people were … confused.

Recently, Kate has been accused of abuse and neglect. Fans constantly mention the fact that one of her three sons, Colin, is nowhere to be seen. They believe that Kate has sent him away so she didn’t have to deal with him. Even her family has turned on her. Her former mother-in-law has accused her of mistreating her kids to the point they are terrified of her, reports InTouch Weekly.

”If these kids spill something, they freak out and panic and cry as if we will hurt them,” ex-husband Jon’s mother explained.

So where did she get this ”prestigious” award? From her kids. Which is actually really, really sweet. According to Kate’s post, her daughter Alexis gave her the trophy with the handwritten ”engraving” at the bottom. Kate said the trophy is her most prized possession and she looks at it when she needs inspiration.


Kids always give their parents gifts like this. Every dad has a ”best dad” mug or shirt, and every mom has a ”best mom” picture frame or teacup.

It is just one of the many ways kids can express their love for their parents. So, even though the ”Best Mom In the World” award isn’t ”official,” that doesn’t mean it is worth less it is probably worth more to Kate than anything else.

It’s clear that Kate’s kids do love her. Sadly, despite that love, the abuse and neglect allegations keep coming at her. What’s more, after years apart, she and ex-husband Jon, are still going through custody battles. After an incident when daughter Hannah refused to leave her father’s car to go home to Kate, a judge actually removed Jon’s custody privileges. A judge claims that Jon manipulated Hannah, and couldn’t visit for a whole month.

Hopefully, for the kids’ sake, everything settles down for the family in the near future.

(Image: Image: Facebook / Kate Gosselin)

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