Police Called on Jon and Kate Gosselin After Verbal Domestic Dispute Over Custody

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UGH, these two again?! Police in Wyomissing, PA responded to an orthodontist’s office yesterday to deal with a verbal custody dispute between Jon and Kate Gosselin. The argument involved a 13 year old girl, so it was apparently about one of their sextuplets. Nothing says “co-parenting” like fighting over your kid at a doctor’s office, right?

According to TMZ, the argument started over who would be taking the girl home after her appointment. Either Jon or Kate took the girl to the orthodontist, but then got into a fight over custody afterward. We get that custody orders can be tricky, but maybe sort this shit out before??

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???HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY, my precious Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel! At this moment (7:51-7:53 am) 13 years ago, my life and heart were completed with your births! I love you all and NO MATTER WHAT it requires of me, I will ALWAYS be there for you; I'll always be your biggest cheerleader, your role model by example, your shoulder to cry on, the hug and laugh you need, and your mommy and friend! I love you guys! I got six times what I planned on, but I'd NEVER EVER go back! You're the six final pieces of my heart that I never knew I was looking for ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Turning13Today #HappyBirthdayBabies #ILoveYouToTheMoonAndBack100MillionTimes

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Kids just love when mom and day fight…in public.

Authorities responded to the incident, but no arrests were made. In the end, the child left with her dad. Police advised Jon and Kate Gosselin to take the fight to the judge. Because a courtroom is certainly a more appropriate place to hash out issues over custody.

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Me and my Coati friends!!!

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Since the end of their marriage and show in 2009, Jon and Kate Gosselin have taken decidedly different career paths. Jon has dabbled in a bunch of stuff, and is apparently a…DJ now? So that’s interesting! Kate, on the other hand, doggedly pursued a second reality show. According to Variety, the third season of “Kate Plus 8” returned to TLC last month. I guess you can’t fault either of them for making a living and providing for their many children. But kudos to Jon for doing so in a way that doesn’t exploit them on a national level.

Neither Jon or Kate Gosselin have commented on Tuesday’s parental fail.

Look, we get it. Divorce is hard, and it’s made incredibly harder when kids are involved. After a contentious split, and years of sniping at each other to the media, something like this was bound to happen. We can’t help but feel sorry for those kiddos. Maybe if mom and dad spent less time on social media and more time working on their relationship, trips to the ortho would only end with braces and not potential handcuffs.

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