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Being A Mom Doesn’t Mean I Have To Find This Taylor Swift Birth Announcement Parody Video Funny

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Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.17.52 AMIt’s as if the gates of hell opened up this week and Satan herself sent a video upon the land. And that video contained a Taylor Swift song parodied by parents expecting an “oops” baby. Now I know what video to play if I ever decide to torture someone ala A Clockwork Orange.

Parents who make parody videos make the rest of us look bad. For the record, shooting a baby out of my vagina has not destroyed my finely tuned, dark sense of humor. Not all of us have kids and completely forget what is funny. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it’s not my fault. What came first; the chicken, or the egg? In this case, what came first; relentlessly making fun of parents or “having-a-baby” parody videos? My commentary is the effect – not the cause. Just remember that.

Before I continue, here it is.

See? It’s not me, is it? Is this funny or cute – or is it something your friend posts on Facebook that you pretend to like because you don’t want to hurt her feelings? I resent being called judgmental when I point out that things like this are stupid. I have eyes. And ears. Just because I’m a parent, doesn’t mean I have to find this funny.

People are entitled to flood the Internet with this crap, and some of us are entitled to hate it. Even if we housed a baby for nine months. I am the voice of these people. Enough folks like this stuff that my opinion means zero, anyway. So if you’re offended by it – don’t worry, your side is winning.

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